Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Wednesday Afternoon Landscapes

Happy Happy Wednesday Readers! I hope that the middle of the week finds you with a box full of mail and a great weekend in site. As Summer progresses here in the heartland, the grass is brown and crumbling, the trees are wilting, the breeze is warm which offers litte relief and even the birds are sluggishly hopping on the ground, beaks open and panting like dogs.  What better time of year to get a handful of postcards featuring impressive landscapes from around the world? Who knew that sunsets and bridges could make the driest of days seem a little cooler. Enough chat, its postcard time!

A brilliant Summer sunset from rural Ohio makes it's way from Heather. What better way to end an evening than with this view from your porch? Thanks, Heather!

The sun may have set but the bridge lights shine bright on the Mississippi River in Davenport, Iowa. The river actually runs East to West along the banks in Davenport, normally the waters of the "Mighty Mississippi" flow North to South.

An sends an aerial view of the Mount Washington neighborhood in Pittsburgh!

On the other side of the world a traditional Japanese coin has been molded from the sand at Kagawa--a famous sightseeing spot for natives and travelers alike. 

From one coast to another! Susan in California again torments me with breathtaking views of The Golden State. This time from Ventura Pier, one of the oldest in the state, a favorite spot for fishing and sunsets. The pier was originally build for commercial shipping. Thanks Susan :)

Some where, some one or something is willing me to the beach..... check out this beautiful seaside rock formation in China!

Okay, this is really more of a city scape than a land scape but I just love this view so much! Thank you to Shiho in Southern Japan for sharing this card; the structure you are looking at is "The Sky Tree" in Tokyo, the tallest structure in the country!

That's all for me today readers. I promise to come by tomorrow :) Happy Mailing


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