Friday, September 30, 2011


In case you hadn't noticed, I won something :)

Recently Postcrossing hosted a give-a-way for House of St. Junior ( you can read more about that contest by clicking on me). I commented on the blog, told them which framed and ready to send postcard I liked the best and sure as I am sitting here typing to you today, Scott and Neil (the creators) drew my name out of their hat!

This is them drawing my name as one of the lucky winners!

And here is my wonderful prize!

A very, very happy thank you goes out to Scott and Neil as well as Postcrossing! I love it! Now I wonder who I will send it too! :)

This Weeks Mail (Monday Thru Thursday)

Good Morning Readers (and hello to the lurkers and first timers!), I just want to take a moment this morning and show you the mail that I got in this week, not a whole lot but I have been putting in a LOT of work on my swaps and letters so hopefully we will be back up to fat and happy mailbox status soon! There is however one piece of mail that won't make it into this post --it will get it's very own post! Hurrrayyyy. Let's get to it shall we? Mini-Disclaimer, all of this weeks mail came from various Swap-bot swaps or pen pals (and a first time writer! yay!!!)

These four cards are from the "One person from each village" swap that I am a part of. Thank you to all my partners who have sent great cards--and thanks for the hearts on my cards! :) 
 A wonderful Micky Mouse card and two more from my "Every Village" swap partners
 A letter from Jeni and a letter from a prospective new pen pall!

and finally all--well the vast majority (I'm sure i forgot to write something down) of out going mail since my mini leave of absence!!!!! Drum Rolll Please....

*Germany*Mabelton, Georgia*Russia*Belarus*2 Packages to Australia*A Package to the United Kingdon*Englewood, Colorado*Trier, Germany*Aurich, Germany*Kenosha, Wisconsin*Las Vegas, Nevada*Hanford, California*Encino, California*Wakefield,United Kingdon*Philadelphia, Pennsylvania*Fredonia, New York*Colorado Springs, Colorado*Binan City, Philippines*Annandale, Australia*Russia*Hillsoboro, Oregon*Taiwan*Takoma Park, Maryland*The Netherlands*Israel* Olathe, Kansas*Goose Creek, South Carolina* Aztec, New Mexico (x's 2)*Harer Hill, Massachusetts*New York, New York*Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania*Davidson, Michigan*Zur-Yigal, Israel*Tulsa, Oklahoma*Getzville, New York*Lithuania*Glen Iris, Australia*

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Last Weeks Mail

A very very late post I know. This is the mail I got last week. It's only a few pieces but in all fairness the week before I didn't send a single thing :(

here's what I did get though!

A beautiful hand made card from my pen pal, Carol, A PC from Johnathan in Colorado, a swap letter from Pickle and a Russian Postcard!
 From Sara, Pirrko, Teena, and Tara (all Swap-bot swaps)
 From my wonderful Linsey (who lives across town)- this pc is actually from the Hilton in Orlando. Yay!
The cats are trying to escape!

and finally a wonderful card from Maggz in Portugal!!!

See, I told you all it was a slow mail week! I will be posting this weeks mail tomorrow morning as well as a list of where ALL of the wonderful mail I have sent this week. Thank you all for your patience and kind emails! I promise to get back on the ball :)

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Updates to come Tomorrow!

Hello everyone! I have been away for a while. I promise tomorrow will bring you updates of the mail I got last week, what Ive received this week and everything that I have sent out. Not to mention my contest wins and a few other goodies!

Thank you so much for those who follow and hello to my new readers! I look forward to updates :)

Saturday, September 17, 2011


This week saw very little mail (in comparison to what I normally get), three days came with no mail and the rest of the mail was mostly on Tuesday. I did however commit a snail mail sin, I SENT ABSOLUTELY NO MAIL THIS WEEK. I know this makes me a bad person. I can feel your judgments--I had no swap became active, I had no stamps and no time to get to the post office while it was actually open and I just didn't have the ummpff to sit down and write anything thoughtful to my pen pals, so to those eagerly awaiting my usually timely letters, I do apologize, and to my followers (we are 22 and going strong!) I thank you for your patience. So lets just get to the mail I did get this week huh? :) This week saw the arrival of a package, 9 postcards, and two letters!

An all Autumn package from Tammy (the note card below is also part of my package)

 And a whole mess of international postcards, featuring cathedrals, water towers, cows, religious icons, architecture and zombie survival!
 And last but not least two pen pal letters :)

I promise to do some writing the rest of this weekend. I have a couple of swaps to get out (and a lot more coming up, so I will be busy), and tons of letters to get back to! Here's hoping you all had a great week of mail!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Saturdays Mail, and a little surprise

Got a few pretty good pieces in the mail yesterday (which i photographed and loaded and then forgot to post) and well as a little surprise in a used book. Unfortunately I didn't send anything out as I am working on a story swap and gathering some much over due pen pal letters together. Pictures anyone? :)

From Angie a Postcard on the border of the Czech Republic, Megan was kind enough to send me a little piece of Daytona Beach (yay for home postcards), Onibunny was my partner for the weird/offensive swap I did and managed to find a PC that is a picture of a bullet wound!!!!!! And last for this picture is a magnet from NYC and note from Atiya.

 A niffty card from Linsey who lives across town from me :)

 This was a quote swap about laughter. the envelope is made from an old calandar page and the note card is filled with wonderful quotes about the importance of laughter. Thank you, Indigo!
 These are the quotes inside.
 She was also kind enough to send me some Halloween tags just because!!
 This is my surprise-This postcard of the Newstead Abbey in Nottingham was found in a used book store (tucked in a book about Nottigham) and now it has made it's way in to my little box of collectibles. I wonder who will get it? :)

Friday, September 9, 2011

Thursday and Friday Mail!

Okay so I think I dated my last post incorrectly as there was no mail on Monday, so for the record that was Tuesday mail and I got no mail on Wednesday! hahah :)

I got a good bit today of both postcards and letters from all over the world. My mail goodies came from Postcrossing, Swap-bot, Walltype, and Letternet (yay new pen pals!). Let's get to pictures shall we!

From Foxy Moron in New Hampshire, Candace who is in the Military,  A. Jefferson. and from Pat (who sends great cards!)

From Ami who is studying in Japan, Lauren in Texas, Lori in Kansas, and Cara in St. Louis

 From Mary, Kimi in California, and Annick in France

 Various pen pal letters

Today's outgoing mail went to
Great Falls, Montana
Toms River, New Jersey,
Phoenix, Arizona
Inverness, Florida
Walland, Texas
Mount Vernon, New York

I'm thinking about joining the Letter Writers Alliance. Thoughts?

I'm off to put a dent in my swaps that are available. Hope all had a great week and here's to a great weekend, Be sure to get some mail out tomorrow!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Just Monday Mail

Here's what I got on Monday! No incoming mail today (so sad...the postmaster laughed when he saw me open my box and I looked confused. NOT FUNNY). Most everything came from Swap-bot with a few from Postcrossing and Walltype.

This weeks outgoing mail went to:
Arcadia, CA
Manitowoc, WI
Baton Rouge, LA
Rancho Cucamunga, CA
Canton, GA
Bath, NY
Lenor, NC
Thorton, CO
Ashville, NC
Moorepark, CA

Monday, September 5, 2011

Two Swap-bot Swaps!!!

Hi there followers and readers--Happy Labor Day!! I hope that everyone had a great holiday and for those of you who had to work (or who aren't in American) I hope that your weekend was lovely and relaxing.

I have two new swaps going on Swap-Bot that I would love for you all to check out-as well as one that isn't new in creation but that those who are interested can still sign up for. Two are Halloween themed and one is a post card swap. You can view the swaps in the links below--as always I would love the support, comments, ideas, criticisms, etc.

Halloween Recipe Swap --exchange a Halloween card and a ghoulish holiday food creation

Halloween Postcard Swap 2- send a homemade or store bought postcard to your partners wishing them a happy or creepy Hallows Eve

Odd Postcard Swap--here you can "pawn off" a weird, ugly, dark, or offensive postcard you have been keeping, as long as you tell your partner how you got it and why you aren't big on it

Here is wishing you all a wonderful week and a full mail box! No in coming or out going mail in the US today but don't worry I am prepping my list of outgoing for tomorrow right now!!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Mail Update!!

Happy Labor Day weekend all!! I am so happy to be back to the world of the Internet but even more excited to update you all on the fantastic mail I have gotten in the last week! I have a whole mess of pictures to show you (as well as the new furry addition to my family) and I *did* keep my list of outgoing mail this week (hurrayyyyy). This weeks mail came from Swap -Bot, Postcrossing, Walltype, Letternet and assorted pen pals.Lets get to it shall we?

From Leu Lo in Taiwan , Rick, Dario in Brazil and Heather in Florida (who sent me a card from the historic Ybor city where I went to college!!!!!)

Jayme-Lee in Buffalo who is also in my Sorority! (Alpha Gamma Delta) and Charel in Holland

Both  from Trixie in OKC

Various pen pall letters, two from Germany which are new and a couple of people I've written back and forth a couple of times with 

From Bev over at The PenPal Project

 From Alina in Belarus and Tere in Arizona

 From a new pen pal in Germany named Margarita

 Say hello to Salem
 They are debating on whether or not to be friends
 "Stop taking pictures Mom"

*This Weeks Outgoing Mail*
  • St. Petersburg, Fl
  • Encino, CA
  • OKC, OK
  • Gaston, OR
  • Alexandria, VA
  • Ballston Lake, NY
  • Slovenia
  • Canada
  • Goose Creek, SC
  • Hermitage, PA
  • Clearwater, Fl
  • Denton, TX
  • (3 More to Texas)
  • Arkansas
  • Maryland
  • Ukrain
I have a few swaps coming due and some pen pal letters to get on. I hope you all enjoyed your week and have plans for the weekend. Thank you for reading and writing!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Yay for the return of the internet!!!

Hi there Followers (and a thank you to the loyal and a welcome to the new!) I have quite a bit of mail to update you on from Saturday through today. I am sorry for my going missing. My internet provider decided to jack up the price by 75 dollars a month with no explanation as to why (I even called to see what month the notice was sent or printed on the statement because I am a nerd and I keep all of that kind of stuff) and four people had no answer!!! So then it seems they "accidentally" cut off my internet for a few days--when I called again to inquire "they were doing maintenance in the area that should only last a few hours" so of course my third call resulted in them saying "oops" and I had them cut the service off on the spot. Now I have new internet and will be able to get back to regularly scheduled updates!

I'm off to work now but I will be back this evening with mail (in and out) updates, shamless self promotion of my current swap and a swap that I am thinking of creating. I am also going to be a bit crabby as the Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks is set to be released today.....except in Oklahoma (I miss home). Have a great day everyone, it's almost a HOLIDAY! Whooooo! :)