Friday, August 26, 2011

Mail So Far- Minus Today

Hello everyone! Thank you all for being so patient (and loyal, yay loyal) with me I know I promised to not go missing again and I really meant it, things have been hectic at work and I've been palling around with new friends I've made in town, I am also in the process of adopting a new kitty cat! Lets get to this weeks mail--I haven't picked it up for today yet so this is Monday through Thursday mail :)

From Kimbeewa and Manda77-- Both acquired from Swap-bot

 From Young46356 and Makestuff --Also swaps

 From Angel, TheIrmimi, Matthias, and Little Belle- a combination of swaps, Walltype and Postcrossing

 A swap from Valerie520 and a WT from Lauren

 A swap from JeJune (Violet)

My first pen pal letter from Letternet--from a young lady named Nathalie

Some cool Stamps too! I love the American Classic stamps!

A pen pall letter swap and some wonderful teas from Awesome Sauce!

 And finally a swap letter from Anne :)

Hopefully I have a little something waiting for me after work (don't worry I'm on lunch). I'm off to drop a couple of things in the mail! Happy Friday All!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Halloween Swap!

Hi there Followers and Friends!!! I have a new swap going on Swap-bot for the upcoming holiday! (I know, I know we still have a little time but I am excited) The swap is a Halloween recipe and card/post card swap. You have until the 12th of September to Sign up and about three weeks to get your items send out! You can view the swap details by going to Halloween Recipe Swap. Any comments or concerns just let me know--I would appreciate the support!

Who doesn't love a good, spooky Halloween punch--complete with spiders??

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Weekly mail wrap up :)

My apologies for not updating at the end of this's my handful of mail (including today) to wrap up this week of snail mail lovin' :)

Pretty good swag huh? Everything came from Swap-bot, Postcrossing, and Walltype--as well as a few from some of my awesome (and patient) pen pals :) I'm off to enjoy the rest of my weekend. I only have one swap due so far for this upcoming week so it looks like I;ll have time to finish answering my letters. happy weekend and get some mail out this week :)

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Slow Mail Week...

I am beginning to feel The Missive Maven's pain......I had a no mail Tuesday right after she had a no mail Monday, which you can read all about by going here :)

Only a few pieces trickled in today, I know it's some sort of cosmic snail mail punishment because I HAVE SENT NO OUTGOING MAIL FOR TWO DAYS!!!!! But don/t worry, I will be doing some work tonight with swaps that have come due and letters that I owe a reply.

Wednesday swag included:  2 from Swap-bot, 1 from Walltype and one pen pal letter (who I met through a swap).

I'm off to work on my letters. Hope you guys all had good mail days :)

Monday, August 15, 2011

Begining of the week and its a great day for mail!

Hello there followers (and visitors!!!) It's that time again! Luckily, Monday provided me with some pretty good mail and a surprise!

These three are from Postcrossing--Germany, Taiwan, and Portugal

Next up we have some Swap-bot lovin' from all around the USA

One from Walltype


All around a good day for mail! :) Here's hopin that the rest of the week is just as splendid. I am off to write some of the letters I owe ( I have a stack of replies that are waiting....I promise promise promise I will ALWAYS write back, just bear with me a bit).  Happy Mailing!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

End of the Week Mail!

I swung by the post office today to pick up Friday and today's mail--it FINALLY stopped raining long enough to duck out of the car for a moment. I have quite a few swap to write up and send out this weekend and another few to start compiling as they will be available for partners soon. Gonna be a busy weekend :)

From Annick in France (Walltype)
From Tinde  (Swap-bot)

From Anthony in Great Britain-who recently was vacationing and driving down Route 66 and went by my town! (Postcrossing)
 And last but not least a second swap from Michele in Massachusetts

Hope everyone is having a great weekend so far. Get your mail together so we can all start over again on Monday! :)

Friday, August 12, 2011

Thursdays (day late..oops) mail

Happy Friday All!!! I didn't want anyone to think that I forgot to update, Blogger was down for me last night and then i went to bed :P

Here is Thursday's mail--I will get today's when I pick up Saturday's (it was raining cats and dogs when I left work so I scurried home!!!). Mail all came from Walltype and Swap-bot, as well as a couple of letters from Swappers who wanted to write to me (and who I promise to write back!!!!!

Various Swaps and Wall users 
Literary PC Swap
Look! A Long horn!!! I love long horns (ignore kitty he wouldn't move)
Senders Choice Flag Swap--from Ellis Island!!!
So darn nosey!!!
Native American PC Swap
The Next two pictures are from a swapper in Spokane for the "Fill up my mail box with postcards" Swap
Sasquatch and a couple of awesome vintage cards :)
A letter from a recent swap partner
Two More Letters!!!!

Chunk of Cardboard Swap

Favorite Shakespeare Quote Swap

Watching for the Mail Man!!

Hope that everyone has had a great week! Here's wishin' you all a great weekend, be sure to get some mail out tomorrow, it's our last chance to send and get some mail happiness for this week!!!! :)

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

This weeks mail Monday thru Wednesday

Okay, okay I know I went missing for a few days. My batteries in my camera died and would you believe that I didn't have any batteries? I even tried to steal them from the remote and those died, then the power went out because we had some storms, and I was at work more than I care to recall--and it's only Wednesday night! Whew!

Lets get to some mail, huh? : )

Kitty got some awesome mail today from Sarah on Swap-bot

A quick note from Sarah who sent me and my kitty some wonderful and much appreciated toys and treats :)
A letter and a beautiful handmade card from Limner over at Oh, Write Me!
A pen pal letter from a fellow swapper! Don't worry i will write back soon Kayla!
A Postcrossing card from Tanya in Belarus
Swaps from Pat, Gail, Kikolala, and Danielle
More Swaps! From Bettina, Gail, and Connie
Two Swaps and a Walltype from Bob, Nancy, and Mr.Emptypants
A few weird and touristy brochures and facts from Blacvulture
and finally for tonight

A letter, some postcards and some Halloween goodies from fellow swapper, Leeann :)

No out going mail today :(

I am getting together a couple of swaps that have come due and some cards I need to get out. This weekend I will be writing some of the letters that I am due to write back! Here's hopin' everyone full and happy mailboxes!