Sunday, May 27, 2012

Saturday mail on a Sunday!

Happy Happy Sunday Readers! I hope we are all enjoying the weekend.....even if it is coming to a close for some of us. A little bit of mail came in this weekend but it's all pretty great. Let's go!

A letter makes it's way from mail pal Amanda--AKA The Fancy Lady.  With a fancy envelope at that!

The Lady's card made me literally laugh out loud! Sometimes I think this is how my all cats really feel......

Ian & Helen in Australia poke a bit of fun at the Irish! 

And the back!

 Belinda sends a shot from Amicalola Falls. One of Georgia's Seven Natural Wonders, the falls drop a total of 729 feet through a number of cascades!

A Postcrossing friend in Belarus sends an architectural view from one of the capitals historic buildings

Another card comes from Australia! It must be my lucky week as this hasn't happened in a while! Thank you to Tiphanee for sending a cute and cuddly greeting :D 

Yay! A letter from Erica :) 

Karen down the road in Rush Springs sends a beautiful card called "Rainmaker" by David Penfound

In a matching envelope at that! Not gonna lie, I love matching envies!

Look at all of the goodies inside! Pages and pages of letters and postcards! Salem just couldn't help herself and dived right in before I even had a chance to read the letter!
 (she actually left bite marks! I think it means she likes you Karen, hahah)

That's all for me today folks. I am off to try to do something with my weekend (aka ignoring the house cleaning that I need to do and reading a book instead). Happy Memorial Day to those of you who are in the states. I don't know about everyone else but I have some mail to get back to before the next round of pick ups ! Happy Mailing :D 

Friday, May 25, 2012

Friday Postcardly Mail!

Happy Happy Friday Readers! I have a great handful of postcards to show off today--most of which are giving me the itch to go back on vacation. I was very happy when I opened my mailbox today because yesterday.....I ....mail! I was heartbroken.

The lack of mail was made up for by one simple fact: We have over 10,000 views and we have had over 100 people look at the page today alone! You all are defiantly helping me kick the Internets butt while supporting the mail service :)

Okay, enough sappy stuff.....let's get to the darn mail, shall we?

Jenn sends me a card from the Melissa Heth Photography collection called "Keep Smiling". This card reminds me off all of the creative suns that they show on the CBS Sunday Morning show! Thank you Jenn :) 

 Maggie spent the weekend going through some of her moms old postcards and came across this gem; fortunately she was kind enough to share it with me. Ladies and Gents, may I present the C.P.R Steemer arriving from Victoria and Seattle, Vancouver BC Canada.

 My first card from Nysa, Poland came today! Thank you to Jagienka for sharing and teaching me that "Pozdrovienie z Polshi" means Welcome to Poland!

 Fen in Samutprakan, Thailand is a high school student and avid postcrosser--oh, and a first on the blog! Check out these colorful and adorable stamps!

 Along with those pretty little stamps come a postcard featuring Mae Hongson's Bua Tong-Sun flowers!

 ColoradoKate knows the way to my heart! A vintage national park card makes its way from The Rocky Mountains. Just one more little push to pack up and head North :) Thanks, Kate!

Wendy sends me an early morning view of The Golden Gate Passage--I was just talking to a friend about a California vacation, I think it's a sign! 

 Olga sends a card from her home town of Poznan. This photo comes from her favorite part of the Old Market Square!

 With some pretty cool stamps along for the ride :D

That's all for me today folks! I am in desperate need of getting some mail out, but tonight I am going to focus on sending postcards and letters to a few causes for children. If anyone knows of any mail causes for kids let me know. Happy Mailing!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Wednesday Postcard: Snapshot 1945


"On 8 May 1945 on Whitehall celebrate Victory in Europe, after hearing Prime Minister Winston Churchill tell the people of Britain  'This is your victory'. After almost six years of war, the fight in Europe was finally over (fighting in the Far East against Japan continued until 15 August). As night fell, fairly decorous festivities gave way to noisier, more excitable celebrations in which drink flowed, fireworks exploded and complete strangers linked arms and danced in the street."

Thank you to Donna for sharing this card with me! Happy Wednesday, everyone!

*sneaks off to write letters*

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tuesday Postcards!

Well hello there Readers, Followers and Passersby! I think it's pretty safe to say that I am on an updating role this week--cue the bad luck right there hahaha. I thought I would stop by and get a little bit of mail up before I head back to work for our! Oh well, the mail is great as always and I have a good bit that has come in already to log for you!

It's not often that I get mail from Israel unless it is from my decade long pen pal but this card came in from Tanya, showing off the Church of the Beatifudes! Not only is she sharing an awesome card but currently Ms. Tanya is preparing for a trip to the US! So if you see or get a card from her between Florida, New York or Niagara Falls be sure to say hi! 

 Margo in Belarus shares a card from her home town. Her favorite hobbies include reading and watching films! Who has recommendations that I can pass on? I am going to share " 500 Days of Summer" for the movie and "Breakfast with Buddha" for the book! :)

 Melissa over at Viva Snail Mail!  shares art by Jacob Magraw-Mickelson for the cover of McSweeny's 20 (2006)!

 With the Derby and the Preakness behind us, Lora Ann sends a Kentucky Purebred to the Mailbox! Here's hoping that the Belmont Stakes brings us a Triple Crown winner! :)

An Irish Blessing comes from Juli with a great joke on the back! And here it is so you all get to laugh too!
3 guys stranded on a desert island find a Magic lantern containing a genie who grants them each one wish. The first guy wishes he was off the island and home. The second guy makes the same wish. The third guy says "Gee, I'm lonely. I wish my friends were back here...."

There ya have it!! A little bit of everything on a sunny and warm Tuesday afternoon. Today's been rather uneventful so I am afraid I'm not overly exciting haha. Off to get some postcards in the mail while I have some time! Happy Mailing!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Cute and Fuzzy Mail!

Happy (Sleepy) Monday Readers! I did a little poking around before heading to the new post button and I discovered that we are almost at 10,000 page views! How awesome is that for a Monday afternoon?

Only a little bit of mail made it in today, two cards to be exact, but they are two warm & fuzzy, adorable cards! I mean really, anyway that can manage to combine mail and kittens, I'm okay with! Let's go!

This first little furrrrrball comes from Sabine in The Netherlands! Seems she's taken a peek at the page once or twice as she is hoping that my furr-babies like the card as well. My favorite part? Kitty cat Cicero loves to drink from and play in the sink water! Thank you Sabine!

 Second up, with a custom painted cat (yes, you read that correctly), comes a friend in Indianapolis! People actually spend hundreds of thousands of dollars each year to have a custom design painted on to their cat--having to  do "touch ups" every few weeks as kitty's fur grows out! This card shows Ms. Miriam McKee who, while observing the feathering pattern on her chocolate sauce decided the arrow formation would compliment the felines graceful form.

There you have it folks! Monday brings two very pretty kitties! Now, could any of you imagine getting a cat to sit long enough to paint them? I can barely get mine to sit still for breakfast hahahha :)

Only a bit of mail made it out today---I didn't realize that I didn't have all the stamps I needed until after I got home from work. Goodnews is the post office is close so Tuesday morning I will be all stocked up agian! Happy Mailing!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Postcards? On a Sunday? Why, of course!

Happy Happy Sunday Morning Readers! As promised I am back with some postcards for your mail viewing enjoyment. I had a lot come in this week so I tried to sort of group them together by worked out for the most part. This is the first half my haul.

I spent last night signing up for swaps and thinking about creating a few (ideas are welcome!!!) and watching a couple of movies; today I intend to get a few of my letters out--I'm trying to reply to everyone within a decent time frame so they don't pile up on me again :) So if I owe you one, I'm probably looking at it now! Okay, enough chit chat--it's postcard time!

I love when book related cards come in the mail, it's like a double whammy of greatness! A very special thank you to RJ in Canada for wanting to share a fun card AND appealing to my nerdy side with H.G. Wells. Fellow reader and postcard lover Judee shares some of her Penguin set with me! I love when I get these back :-)  You two rock!!!

 Two vintage cards! It must be my lucky mail week!!!  First up, from "Wasted Blues" comes the Alan Maley  painting Summer Romance. Susan sends a postcard that actually calls for a One (1) cent stamp in order to post it--not to mention a cute little goat. Thank you ladies, great cards!

Dan in Luhaus K, Unraine sends a funny and adorable card--I would love if anyone would be able to translate for me--either way, I love it!  From Berlin, Germany, Astrid sends a great card showing off one of the cities most popular spots for dining and relaxing! :D 

 Check out the beautiful nature that made it's way to me--I love a good scenic card, helps with vacation ideas! hahah! First up, Macfeat sends a card from "small town Maine" where one can enjoy fly fishing on the west branch of the Penosbscot river, Mount Katahdin is in the background and can be seen from our lucky mail friends home! In Tomsk, Russia, Vera (who is a student at the Art Institute) sends a pretty mid-Fall leaf basking in sunlight! :-D

Wow!!! You all sure know how to pick great cards for a Gal! I just hope that the cards I send out are as good as the ones that I have been getting in :) I'm off to finish letters and to get in some sunshine before the work week starts again......Monday might bring work, but at least it brings mail!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Stampin' Out Hunger, Letters and Stamps...oh my?

Happy Happy Saturday Readers!!! I hope that you all are enjoying the first half of your weekend. I have taken to sitting on my couch for the second half of the day, which makes the perfect conditions for writing out mail, sorting mail, and updating on mail!

So many great things came in this week that I have to break it up a bit for you folks! On, that note, I'll stop rambling on and get to it! :)

First me and the kittens (with a little help from Dad) filled up the Stamp Out Hunger bag for the Postal Service Food Drive!

 And then we waited......

....and the Post Man sent us a postcard!!!!!

 Cicero claimed the mail for himself! Of course he was batting it around and lovin' on it..until I brought out the camera. -_-

 Letters come from Dee in Thailand,  Mariza in The Netherlands, and Bonnie in Idaho!

 Check out the cool bookmark and hand made envelope that Dee was kind enough to include! I've already used it in the book I'm reading! I'll write back soon :)

 Mariza's hand made envie, complete with deco tape and a 3D felt sticker managed to make it half way across the world with out a scratch on it. That's some good postal handling if you ask me!

 She also sends a postcard from a local cheese festival with her letter. Yes my friends, I am looking for plane tickets :P hahahah

 Dee's postmark! How cute is this little guy!

 Russian stamps from Postcrosser Vera

 Over in Belarus, Margo decorates her card with these cute little guys!

It's rare that I get a card from Israel but when I do it's always good! Thank you for the awesome stamps, Tanya! I hope you enjoy your trip to the states :)

 Dan sends this adorable barn set from the Ukraine!

 This nifty little guy is also from Dan! Thank you for sending me so many awesome stamps! I love them!

 I even bought myself a new set of stamps for my US letters! I've already gotten one in from mail pal Ambrosia, I wonder what it would take to get the whole set back in replies! It's possible...I have gotten all of the bonsai trees in hahahah

Well folks, that's all for my Saturday update! I've taken all the photos and done all of my registering/filing of the postcards so look for them tomorrow! I hope your enjoying your weekend, remember to write at least one letter for Monday morning!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Quick and Postal: Half a Week's Mail!

Happy Happy Thursday (again) Readers! I have been gone for a week and during that time I have gotten so much awesome mail in; postcards from all over the world and letters galore have graced my little PO Box with their presence! BUT, being as technology seems to hate me, my wireless router died and my phone never updates the blog here I am now with the first half of the stash! Less talk more mail, shall we?

JoAnne sends a card from Pismo Beach! Two hours away from her home town, Pismo is her favorite place to surf, eat clam chowder and find off the wall lolly pops....apparently they make some with tequila and a worm in them! :) 

 Up the road in Miami, OK, Mariah sends a card from Dwelling Spaces! Tulsa is home of 90s boy-band 'Hanson' as well as the famous Cains Ballroom....where I am attending a concert tonight! :)

Kathie sends me a little piece of home! The Treasure Ship in Panama City Beach is a 200ft long Spanish galleon replica that houses three enormous restaurants.

Andrea in Tokyo sends me a view of Misaka Pass where you can gain access to Mt. Fuji! Thank you, I love getting cards from Japan :) 

 All the way from Deventer, Netherlands comes a very cute card! Deventer is one of the oldest towns in The Netherlands and is also home to the oldest stone home! Thanks, Maren.

Ms. Rachel Doyle of Swap-bot fame sends me a photo she took when she got her new macro lends! I love these little flowers, even if they are weeds. Who can resist plucking one from the yard and blowing the little puffy seeds everywhere? :D

 A very crafty and wonderful letter from my pal, Dana! Check her out over at Save Snail Mail! She will be at the National Stationery Show this week!

Mikki in Houston sends me some mail love in an adorable little envelope with the matching tape! I still love, love, love these little envies. I'll have to hit her up for her source ;) 
 (and matching jealous)

Ms. Jeni drops a line to let me know that all is well in her neck of the woods. On an adorable little card at that!

 Mail pal Ambrosia catches me up in a  wonderfully long letter :)

 She adds a great stamp and the post office was kind enough to give me the mothers day post mark hahhaah!

 Tatyana in Russia sends me a hand made postcard; a student studying mathematics and design, she also enjoys creating her own art! :) I love it, thank you!!!!!

 Check out these awesome movie slips/advertisments that she was kind enough to throw in for me!

 Salem just loves when letters come from Lucas. She rubs her face on them, chews on them, bats at the pages and then pouts when I try to take it away so that I can read it!

Phew! What a great heap of mail lovin'!! The best part is I have another whole stack to get up for you all! I have been dropping postcards in the mail like crazy and now it's time to get in to "letter reply mode". I'll write back to everyone soon and I promise to not go another week with out updating *prays fervently to the technology gods*. Happy Mailing Folks! :D