Saturday, July 30, 2011

Today's Mail! 7/30/2011

Now that I am a little more caught up, lets look at today's mailbox goodies! Mail today came from all over the world and was generated by Swap-bot, Postcrossing, Walltype, and The United States Postal Service!!!!

First up we have from Gabriele a card from Romania and a Russian card from Tatulya!

Second up a German card from Roland showing the Regensburg an der Donau and a painting by John Frederick from Krissy.

From Willemijn (whose name I love!) a London district card--picked for our mutual love of shopping! Samantha in New York send me a card from Chautauqua Lake with a Great Muskie fish :)

Next up I have another recipe swap. This one is from Mellisa in California who sent me a great recipe for Strawberry Bisque!

AND THE BEST PIECE OF ALL (can you feel the sarcasm?).....
*drum roll please*
I guess you can say that I am guaranteed at least one piece of mail on Monday ( I got to the post office to late to pick it up as I was working--again--on a Saturday). Now I just have to find some loose change to pay the postage due. :)

I hope that everyone got a week full of wonderful mail. Just another couple of days before we get to do it all over again. I must admit I slacked off a little on my out going mail these last couple of days so I have a lot to get together for Monday!

Friday June 29th's Mail Round up

As promised I have pictures and detail on my mail for the rest of this week. :) So since I am already running behind on my updates, lets get started!!

A view of a German Beach and my first card from Wisconsin!

A very very cool camel card that from "A little brown sparrow" in California was saving for the perfect recipient and guest what? It was me!! Also my first card with an armadillo on it from Julie in Texas--who doesn't love these little guys?

The Salem Witch Museum in Massachusetts from Connie in New York

A pen pal swap from Lisa in Minnesota

A second pen pal letter from Diane in New York who also sent me some great Halloween stickers (yay!)

Recipes from Suzanne in Georgia--mmmm cinnamon rolls!

and finally for Friday is my "Under your bathroom sink" swap with Flipflopqueen--who must have the LARGEST bathroom sink ever made! :)

This little collection of  mail came from Swap-bot and  Walltype.


I hate to leave you all hangin'! I will update with pictures and commentary on Fridays and Today's mail!!! I got a whole slew of things to show you....including a postage due notice hahahah I hope it's not something I sent being returned!

In the mean time, you only have today and tomorrow to sign-up for my Swap-bot swap "Weird and Touristy things from your State". Hurry on over and lets make it a fun one (and a successful first coordinated swap for yours truly!). You can view the swap by going here :)

Thanks so much for reading (and bearing with me...) I will update tonight! Hope everyones week was full of great mail!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Heck yeah, Thursday Mail!

Today was another good day to be my mailbox! I received a wonderful letter from Dana over at Save Snail Mail--we have both sent two letters now, I am super excited to write her back.

  • 4 cards came from Swap-bot--two state cards and two animal cards
  • 3 cards came from Postcrossing--one from Romania and the second a whimsical map
  • and the last 3 cards came from Walltype--one an art rendering, one an image of William & Catherine and the last (but not least) a beautiful view of the Smoky Mountains!
Pictures? But, of course!!!

My pretty Timber wolf from Marie in Minnesota

My map from Mahogany in Georgia and my Smoky Mountains from Denise

Art from Kathie in Rhode Island and Royalty from Yanelis in Florida (extra points!)

My state maps-- From Bonnie in NC and Chandra in LA

My (First!!!) Romanian card from Mihai and my Maine Moose Fact card from Linda

My letter from Dana

All of this wonderful mail and I must confess that I didn't send out a single thing today :( I know I know, I went right to sleep after my post. But tonight I am gathering up 3 swaps and a pen pal letter (two if I write back to Dana tonight!) and I'm going to see if I can get in on Walltype for some card swappin' tonight.

Oh, and I have help again so I am sure I will be A-OK

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Oh, Wednesday, you never let me down!

I told you all that Tuesday would be slow, but once again (well for the third time a row) Wednesday has made up for it and then some. Today's mail came mostly from Walltype and Swap-bot, but there was also a letter from Ms. Bev over at The Pen Pal Project!!! Let's get to pictures, huh?

A Twilight card from Lady Ambrosia in Indiana

A card from Birgit in Australia who decided to fuel my love of shopping. The quote is German and says " Life is too short to save money"

From Pat who is picking up cards while traveling. This one is the Casey Jones Home & Railroad Museum

Evelyn in St.Louis swapped me some very pretty horses :)
And the last postcard of the evening is a Colorado card from Cindi who is in a State card swap with me!

This came from Carol in North Dakota. A pen pal letter swap, she sent me a great letter telling me about the beautiful piece of land that she lives on and she even sent me some recipes that she has tried recently :)
(This is the back of her envelope)

My final piece for the night is my letter from Bev. Not only did she send me a note, but she sent it too me using a trans-continental flight menu as the envelope! The flight was from Hong-Kong to San Francisco. How cool is this?

(this is the outside)
(the menu)

All-in-all I'd say it was a pretty good day for mail :) I'm off to write a letter for one of my swap that has come due--I think I'm going to check out Walltype tonight, I haven't sent a card from there in a few weeks.

Here's to happy mail Thursdays!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Quick! Ill make up for this tomorrow

Well, here we are another Tuesday. The day at the bank dragged, there were almost no customers, no issues, no complaints and only one exciting instance of cashing some foreign checks--but even they weren't that exciting (Canadian checks are easy to negotiate--it's almost the same as cashing and American check).

The same goes for my mail. I got two pieces today. Both from Swap-bot, one came from Julie in West Virginia who sent me a card about the state, and the second came from an unidentified user in North Carolina who sent me a postcard and a key chain!

Pictures to come tomorrow (hopefully with more mail). I had some meetings after hours at the bank today and I haven't had a chance to photograph and write--my Postcrossing cards are finally starting to clear up and I have a prospective pen pal letter to get out.

Bring it on Wednesday! :)

Monday, July 25, 2011

Happy Monday Mailbox :)

Happy Monday All! Sorry for the late post-I came home and started writing letters (while watching bad reality TV, which always makes the process a little slower...oops).

I got a handful of things in the mail today from Walltype and  Swap-bot and also one card from Send Something.

Two Michigan cards from Sue B!

Florida (yeah!) and Richmond, Va

Two Quote Swaps!

A very pretty card from Annick in France!

And a lovely swap pen-pal letter :)

I had a ton of outgoing mail today. Mostly to states and one to Finland. The foreign card was a private swap on Postcrossing and the rest all went to my partners on Swap-bot. I am going to get Back in to the habit of listing where I send out mail starting tomorrow! And I think I will be making more of a point to let you all know what my letter friends wrote to me about, a few cards/letters that I have gotten referencing my blog have mentioned they would like to see what I'm reading from you all :)

Happy writing, and brace yourself....Tuesdays are slow mail days! 

Sunday, July 24, 2011

DIY Envelopes :)

A couple of weeks ago I asked my friend The Craftafarian (aka Lindsay) about the possibility of crafting me some envelopes out of fabric. As she is super busy and getting in some back-crafting that she was commissioned for, I have to patiently wait my turn (fiiiiiiiiiine). However she did send me a pretty cool link today from the Pugly Pixel for Do-It-Yourself envelopes!

The site offers tutorials on a number of craft and is not limited to letter writing or paper creativity. You can search for certain topics The creator also offers downloadable freebies for art experimentation, or if you find that this is the crafty site for you there is also a paid access side of the site that gives you some more goodies.

I know some of you are super-crafty, so please, let me know what you think. Personally I am going to have a go at the Custom envelopes which you can find directly by clicking here :).

Happy Crafting! Thank you Lindsay!!!!

Calling All Swap Lovers!

Happy Sunday everyone! I hope you all have been having a great day.  Today has been a day full of writing letters and postcards for me, most of which are going to my partners for various swaps on Swap-bot.

Since I have spent so much time on the site the last couple weeks wracking up swaps and ratings (and giving out ratings for the awesome cards and letters I have gotten so far!) I decided to start my own swap!

As some of you know, I live in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area and being that the city and surrounding towns are home to some pretty odd things I feel like the best swap to create would be "Weird and Touristy from your State". Show off the oddball things from your state that either everyone comes to see or only the locals know about. The swap will be a snail mail swap (of course) and can be letters, postcards, or pictures--what ever best represents what you have going for your home!

A couple of examples of weirdness from my neck of the woods :

The Tulsa Golden Driller

The Catoosa Blue Whale

The Center of The Universe

Head on over and sign up for what will hopefully make for very interesting mail! (Sign up deadline July 31--Send deadline August 8)

You can view the swap here.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Gad Zooks!!!! Great Saturday Mail!

I hope everyone is having a great weekend so far! I got a pretty good handful of things in the mail today to share with you all. It defiantly makes up for the slow mail day yesterday :) I have a lot of things that I am working on getting out in the mail (I missed the post office today-not my fault I promise blame work!) so I am busy busy busy! I have several letters to write and a few Swaps that have become active. So let's get to pictures!

First and foremost, my cat again decided to take this opportunity to get in to the picture. Now if he could just work on getting the right END in the shot......

A beautiful card from Australia. These are always great and beautiful views. Who couldn't love a fish called "Sweetlips"

Also a Walltype card--this actually came from Missouri- but her son lives in Florida and her other children snatched up some postcards while on vacations! I was so excited to get a little piece of home in my mailbox today, THANK YOU!
The top card came from Max in Germany via Postcrossing--he is six years old and excited to start school later this year! The second card came from a Walltype user in Greece who saw my sorority (Greek letters) and told me that although Fraternal organizations use the Greek Alphabet there are no such groups in the universities in Greece! Who knew?

These two were assigned to me from Walltype. Who can beat beautiful antique row houses in The Netherlands and a very unique map of Michigan.

This Swap-bot card came from Carol in New Zealand who sent me a wonderful note about her day with her partner and child.

I didn't get much mail out today--I needed to stop by the post office for some more stamps and to send some little packages out and I had to go in to the bank today (which very inconveniently is open during the exact same hours at the bank!)

Off to write some letters/fulfil some swaps. Have a great rest of the weekend folks. Hope you  got some great mail this week. Here's hopin' next is even better!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday = on the lighter side of happy

Happy Friday everyone! I hope that everyone has had a good week! Today's incoming mail wasn't quite as extravagant as yesterday's but a couple of pretty good ones non the less :)

The first arrival for today is a Postcrossing card from a user in China. The photo is of the Zhenhai Building  built on the Xiaopanlong Hillock  during the late Qing dynasty. In more modern times the area the building is in is the Yuexia Park.

And my final postcard for the day is from a Walltype user named Nicole. She lives in Bathurst, Australia . The card is comprised of photos of the Australian Coast Lines.

I forgot to write down where my outgoing mail went to today (oops!) but there were only a few postcards and they all went overseas!

Now, lets all have a great weekend and get that mail out in the morning! Here's hopin' theres some goodies in all of your boxes tomorrow--it is our last chance for the week

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Fat and Happy Mailbox Thursday!!!!!

Today was a pretty darn good day to be my mailbox! I got 8 postcards in total from Postcrossing, Swap-Bot, Walltype and Send Something. Talk about a pretty good spread, huh?

And also in my mailbox today (it wasn't quite as much of a surprise but still) I got the goodies I ordered to surprise other people trips to the mail!