Monday, April 30, 2012

Quick and Dirty Monday Update!

Hello Readers, Followers, Lurkers and Passersby! I am happy to report that I am home from a wonderful vacation in Denver! I had a great time but I have to admit that I was excited to check my mail box this afternoon :)

I got a *ton* of awesome mail; swaps, letters, postcards and pen pals all made their way to my little PO Box this week AND I managed to round up some pretty awesome cards to send to you all! I still have to sort through it, photograph the mail for the blog and register/rate/reply (the three R's of Mail?)! For now a quick glimpse at the goods and one card that I found particularly appropriate today!

The haul of "To Be Sent" Denver cards--views from The Mint, Red Rocks, the Airport and Downtown, just to name a few!!!! PS....ask and you shall receive! 

 Look at everything that came out of my mail box today! I love that "Ernie the Envie"
Swap-bot is front and center :D

A perfect "Mondaze" postcard makes it's way from Eunice in South Africa! I think the doctor really hit the nail on the head! :)

 Check out the cool stamps she sent along! The bead work airplane is awesome!

I'm off to get the dirty work done! I should have all of the photos up tomorrow and hopefully some insight in to a few neat stationary places I've come across, until then, Happy Mailing!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Weekend update

Happy Saturday! Another cool, Spring day here in Oklahoma. Perfect for writing letters...or packing your bags for a vacation to the North West.. just sayin' :). Let's get to the mail, shall we?

I always love mail-related-mail...Thank you, Deb who sends a card featuring Civil War, reused envelopes. When soldiers ran out of envelopes, they used what ever they could get their hands on-textbooks, wallpaper, used envies inside out--to send their mail!

Check out the early Americana stamps that came with the hand cancelled postmark!
 A very lovely (and surprise) letter comes from The Fancy Lady!
 Full of wonderful surprises-a great card, and Russian Stacking doll paper. How cute!

The back of the well decorated envie...Thanks, Lady!

A letter from Miranda makes its way across the pond... a very colorful, playful and kitchy envie! I love these, I really need to be on the look out. I'm afraid my white envelopes are rather dull....

and finally, my first stamp featuring King Edward VIII. Thanks, Miranda! I'll write back soon.

 Salem is sad the mail isn't for her so she steals it...

I might have only snagged a little bit of mail this afternoon but I have to say that it's pretty great mail! I'm heading out to Denver in the morning- not sure if I will be able to update everyday but I will try to keep my eye out for mail related awesomeness---and of course I'll pick up some postcards! See you all soon :) xox randi

Friday, April 20, 2012

It's Finally Friday Mail!

Happy, Happy Friday Readers! I am happy to report that a good hand full of cards make it my way this afternoon--mostly of the critter and scenic view variety. Let's get to the goods, shall we?

First up this afternoon is a furry little friend from Simone in Germany!

Complete with a squirrel sticker, a new stamp and an awesome postcard! Thanks, Simone : )

A postcrosser in Minsk, Belarus shares a sunny and beautiful Spring time view

Pascal sends me a stamp from The Netherlands that I have never gotten before...

and greetings from this little zoo kitten!

Pen pal Tamara sends me a letter and some wonderful stamps to decorate the envelope. Thanks, Tamara. I will write back soon :)
 She also manages to come up with the most adorable decorative tape!

Mail friend Col. Akhil sends a view of the Dilwara Jain Temple on Mount Abu in India

and stamps! My first from India!

Juli shows her lighter side-and perhaps her wish for Summer-with a light hearted and adorable postcard :)

One of only a few Las Vegas cards that I have recieved...thank you to Barb and her husband who are getting ready to make their trip to "The City of Sin". Hope you two have fun!

Brooke shows off her home town of Pasadena, California!

and last up for the evening, Mikki sends a sparkly, handmade card with a letter inside! Thanks, darlin'! :)

I hope that everyone had a great week! I have some letters to write back to and a lot of mail to organize but I also am happy to just kick back and relax and NOT have to get up to go to work in the morning! Happy Mailing :)

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Postcard: "The Children are the Garden of the Revolution"

Hello Readers! Happy Happy Thursday! I popped over to the blog this morning to discover that we had a few more committed followers and an explosion in daily pages views, Go Us! :)  A pretty neat art and community postcard made its way from one of my mail swapping friends, Tazzini. Let's get to it!

"Solidaridad es la ternura del pueblo"
"Solidarity is the Tenderness of the People"

"The Children are the Garden of the Revolution" Mural on the Children's Library, Luis Alfonso Velasquex Park, Managua, Nicaragua, December 1983.

Sponsored by the Sandinista Children's Association (ANS). Created in solidarity by North American artists Miranda Bergman, Marilyn Linstrom, Jane Norling and Odilia Rodriguez with help from many Nicaraguan artists, organizations and community people.'

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Oh, Hello Tuesday. Is that mail you bring?

Happy Happy Tuesday Readers! Today found itself even better than Monday ( I know, not hard some times, right?) and do you know what made it EVEN better? All of the mail that came my way! I was pleasantly surprised to see a good handful of cards and a couple of letters, on what is normally a slow mail day! Let's check it out :D

First up-a piece of mail celebrating the love of snail mail we all share! Thanks to Andrea for sending me a bit of Swap-bot mail :) 

 A postcard from across the pond featuring a stamp issued by the Royal Mail in 2000. The photograph, taken by Deborah Osborne, is entitled "Art and Craft" and featured in Cycle Network Artworks.

 From Yzina in Ukraine comes a card featuring the Monument to the Prince Grigoriy Polyomkin in Kherson-the Southern most point in the Ukraine!

 Some small town love makes its way from Round-O, South Carolina!

Zong-Yi in Taiwan sends a card showing the beauty of the Alishan Forest Railway in Chiayi! I love how lush and green it is! All the train tracks around me are far more industrial looking! Thank you, I will write back to answer your questions soon! :) 

A letter comes from a follower! Thank you to Kimberly in New Hampshire for the blog lovin' and the letter! I will get back to you shortly!

 Julie sends a letter about her favorite spot in St. Louis--with a beautiful butterfly to boot!

Speaking of butterflies, a letter comes from Christine in Michigan! This is the second letter that I have gotten weeks after the postmark?!?! Don't worry Christine, I'll have a letter out soon!

Last up for the evening, a beautiful letter comes from Australian friend, Anna, who writes about her love of 1950s clothing and hairstyles!

I have so many great letters to write back to and so many great cards to show off! Thank you to everyone who made this Tuesday an awesome mail day. I'm off to get a few letters and cards together for the morning. Happy Mailing!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Monday Mail Call!

Happy Happy Monday Readers! It's a warm, clear, breezy Spring day here in Green Country--what a better way to spend the afternoon reading incoming mail and writing back to ones beloved pen pals! I am proud to say that I have made a significant dent in my "reply to" pile, so I have a little time for extra postcard swaps and stopping by the blog to show off my goods! There's a couple of letters today but mostly postcards--and even a couple of firsts! Let's get started, shall we?

First up for the afternoon, a couple of nosey meerkats make the way from the Ukraine! Thank you to Vika who is studying ecology and chemistry in hopes to prevent testing on animals and animal cruelty in her country! 

 Mige sends me my first card from Istanbul!

 Morgan in Australia shares a postcard of a full moon at sunset behind an ancient corkwood tree in the outback!

 Daniela in Germany an optical illusion! If you focus the image about 15 inches from youreyes. they look at the x and move the image slowly in the direction of nose. Migratory birds in the cage!

 A work by Fiep Westndorp--illustrator of children's books until her death in 2004-makes its way from Marinda in the Netherlands!

 Deb sends her postcard with some older postage. My favorite is the red Arbor Day stamp..

 ..Her card shows off the Lincoln statue in Washington, DC. The statue is 19 feet high and is carved out of Georgia marble! Thanks, Deb!

 A very cool recycled letter and envelope makes its way to the mail box from Lorraine in California!

 Also from my Australian mail friend, Morgan, comes a gorgeous (and vacation worthy) view of Jim Jim Creek in Kakadu National Park! :)

That's all the mail for me on this Monday! I'm off to keep making a dent in my letter stack--if I owe you one, it will more than likely be on it's way soon! Happy Mailing Folks!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday Mail!

Hello Readers! So...for some reason, I had it in my head that I had updated yesterday....well, I was wrong! I only have a little bit of mail to share this evening (and so much more to reply to....) but for a Friday the 13th, I'd say it's pretty good :D

This card comes from a postcrosser in Shenzhen and features Guangdong's University of Foreign Studies!

Awesome stamps that came along for the 14 day, 12,802km journey! 

Kelly in Columbus, OH sends a scenic view from Amish Country in Berlin,Oh. During summers harvest the fields will be filled with barley, wheat or oats as well as vegetable and flower gardens. Thanks, Kelly! 

Oksana sends a card from Minsk, Belarus where she is a secondary school English teacher. Her students also participate in postcard swaps and get excited for cards from new countries :) Can't say I blame them! 

 An awesome multi-view from a mail friend in Friesland, Netherlands!

 An absolutely stuffed with goodies card and letter highlighting "International Women's Day" makes its way from Donna in Canada! Thank you for the awesome tea and all of the mail love :)

 A wonderful new pen pal relationship has been established, I am proud to say! Thank you and welcome to Kerstin in Germany. I will write back very soon :)

The inside of the envelope....where are you all finding these, I love it! 

 Last but not least the niffty stamp and adorable postmark!

That's it for my Friday mail, folks. I have a few things to get out and stamped for tomorrows mail pickup! Hope everyone had a great mail week :)