Saturday, December 24, 2011

Chrismas Eve Mail!

Hello Readers, Followers and passers-by! I hope that everyone is able to be home with their families, friends, and loved ones during this holiday season. A few pieces came in today--including one that had gotten lost (funny that I just posted about where lost mail goes on the Facebook Page) since September! Let's get to some mail so that we can get to holiday cookies and presents, shall we?

Ann sends a card fitting for this time of year, a wonderful shot from Rockefeller Center

 Kaylin sends a vintage movie star curling her eyelashes for a role, Jenny sends me my first Zebra, and a friend in Belarus sends Christmas wishes and a beautiful card (which oddly enough arrived with no stamp)

 A very cool World Traveler card comes from a Postcrossing user and Ria in Holland shows off her home town!

Postmark. Check. Stamp. Oops?

 From Lady Ambrosia comes a "Pasha" card-which is the English equivalent of Dancing with The Stars- and Gab & Rem send holiday wishes and vacation invoking views from New Zealand

 Ms. Rachel (of Swap-bot fame) sent me a lovely note and a great card from Arizona. It arrived safe and sound in my  mailbox this morning after being sent on its journey in mid September!


Two Christmas cards one from Katie in Orlando (yay) and one sadly with no name :( . Both filled with warm wishes for a wonderful holiday and thankfully they both hope that I don't get any snow!

 And more cards! One from my Megan in NYC and one from a friend, Stepheny, in Orlando! Thanks Ladies!

I hope you all have gotten some great mail full of cheer and warm wishes! Now let's all go enjoy what we  have left of the holidays! Remember, if your family and friends get to be to much or your spending this year away from home, you can always go write a letter!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Friendly New Stationary Blog (and it comes with a giveaway!!)

Hello Readers,

I didn't get to check my  mail today so no cards to showcase BUT I did get a pretty cool email! Seems a wonderful follower of mine has started her own blog! I hope you will all hop over and give LadyKayy-some followers, motivation and advice!  You can view her blog by clicking ladykayy.

Interested in the give away? Find out what you can win and what you need to do to enter by going to Ladykayy's Chewy Tulip Giveaway.

Heck, while your at it check out Chewy Tulip on Etsy for all your fun, quirky, and adorable postcarding needs! Hope you all like it, let me know what you think. Personally, I'm a fan of their squirrel postcards!

How cute is this guy?!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Mid Week Mail Call!

Well I don't know about you all but my mail box has been a tad on the quite side this week. I will just tell myself that it's not because you don't love me but rather that you are trying to get your last minute holiday errands done. Even though the haul has been small, I have gotten some pretty good things! A few cards from Walltype and Postcrossing as well as a few Christmas cards! I haven't been in many swaps lately, I imagine site traffic will pick back up after the first. Lets get to it shall we?

A bright and beautiful Georgia O'Keeffe painting makes its way from Rosalie and a little piggy (of her own creation) comes from Elizabeth!

Two that came today, both from Poland! The sheep (which I love) makes its way from Magda and a Christmas themed card with a poem from Dana. Thank you both!

 My other arrival for the day comes from Sally in first card from the Baba and Nyonya Heritage Museum! Baba and Nyona are Chinese nobility who adopted the Malay culture in to theirs. Thank you for the info Sally!

A Christmas postcard showcasing Gattinburg, TN makes is way from Sheri!

 Two Christmas cards! Whoo-hooo! The first one, from Amy, invoking wonderful memories of home and what I used to be doing in December! Second from my Aunt and Uncle!

I still have some mail to get out for the week (no more holiday cards)! Mostly postcards, a pen pal letter or two  and a couple of swaps--sadly my mailman has beat me to the punch today so anything I write will be out in the morning! I hope you all got some great mail today!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Sunday Find: New Years Cards!

Good Sunday Readers!

As we are only days out from most of the major Winter holidays being in full swing, I got to thinking about greetings for the New Year. Many of us complain about the stress that the holidays bring, chock full of awkward family moments, stressing over what to buy a cousin you see once every five years, eating to much, work parties, house parties, and well....all the trimmings. Yet when we send out our holiday cards or greet a friend, there is a tendency to sugar coat our love of the holidays and tie it all up with just a "happy new year". Well, what if instead of agonizing over what to write in a ChristmaHannuKwanzika card, we could skip over all of that holiday fluff and just send some greetings for a great New Year full of health and happiness and prosperity. Thank you Amazon for I give you New Years Greeting Cards!

Almost Midnight by Cronin & Company (here)

 Hope by Cronin & Company (here)

 Bright New Year by Cronin & Company (here)

 Invincible Summer by Cronin & Company (here)
 Light Up The Sky by Cronin & Company (here)

 Cat New Year's Resolutions by London Times (here)

Year of the Dragon by sinopaperart (here)

Now these are just a few that caught my eye but there are many choices from all sorts of different sellers and publishers. What do you all think? Are New Year's cards a good idea, are you likely to send them? Let me know if there are some cool ones out there!

Friday, December 16, 2011

On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me......MAIL!

Hi there readers!! I finally stopped and picked up my mail! A few Christmas cards have made their way in to my box, along with postcards and a letter. Not to mention a surprise from a coworker! I got a few cards from Postcrossing, Walltype, and Swap-bot! I also have a few blogs to add to the side roll. Let's get started shall we?

As a surprise on my desk this morning a Santa Claus Mail box from one of my coworkers, thanks AG! And a little box from Stephanie in Kansas! Awesome 

 Jurgen sends a card from Cologne, from Terri in Las Vegas we have a great view of the New York Hotel and Casino on the strip, Ashley has greatly managed to combine my love of beer-Halloween-and postcards, and Sarah sends me a card from St. George Island in Florida!

 A Christmas card with a kitty cat from Erin, a wonderful vintage holiday card comes from my postcard-pall Pat, and Andrea comes a William Sommer painting called "Pompous Boy"

 Nepu sends me a card from her 20th wedding anniversary trip to Rome and Julie pulls at my seasonal heartstrings with some wonderful New Hampshire fall foliage. Thank you both!

 Two postcards came from Yanelis--swimming camels and a card from Tazmania. From Vidmante in Lithuania we have a Dear Santa letter and two tiny Christmas cards! :)

Lithuanian Stamps!

 Some wintry decoration on my chunk of cardboard postcard!

 And my cardboard creation from Kristina who may be the only person I have ever encountered that likes bran flakes as much as I do. Right on!

 A great card from Maryland and one of few that I have from Acadia National Park, Marley sends us greetings from Memphis (I love these kinds of cards), a beautiful coastal Portugal card comes from Paule, and finally for this batch Linda sends another awesome card from Modesto!

Ruth sends a Puffin card...puzzles and books, my favorite!

Two Christmas cards came in today (and both with my favorite Snowmen!!!!!) Thank you to Carolyn and JoAnna!

 Rosalie was kind enough to send 4 beautiful cards from NYC! Thank you I love them. The lion at the library is my favorite!

I put my mail in my Santa Claus Mail Box just for the heck of it. I'll defiantly have to use this as a decoration for the holidays!

A week full of awesome surprises if I do say so myself (and I do!). I don't know about you guys but I only have about three more Holiday cards to send out and a couple of swaps due! I think I'm going to spend the holiday period catching up on pen pal letters! I'll be back a bit later to update the blog roll! Make sure to get some mail out tomorrow!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Random Facts from the USPS

Hello Readers and Welcome to new Followers! I've gotten a little bit of mail in so far this week--all very good pieces at that--and not only did I send out a second batch of Holiday cards but I've also lined up a few swaps to get together and pen pals waiting on replies! The weather today didn't really permit running to the PO Box or taking any good pictures (insert dark and gloomy winter forecast here), so I decided I would do a fun post! Let me know what you think!

  • In 1923, one postmaster estimated that 2 percent of parcels delivered by his carriers consisted of laundry. College students, especially, found it economical to mail dirty clothes home and have them mailed back clean. The typical “laundry bag” was a canvas-covered cardboard box 4½ by 12 by 20 inches, weighing six to seven pounds.
  • Mail delivery in large cities began in 1863 but no official uniforms were worn until after July 27, 1868, when Congress passed legislation authorizing use of uniforms by letter carriers. In 1868, uniforms were cadet blue-gray with black trim. A cap was mandatory.
  • Employees pose in front of Station S of the Brooklyn, New York, Post Office, in 1888. This station, now named Bushwick, still serves Brooklyn residents. Post Office stations and branches are units of a main Post Office that provide a range of services. The earliest known station was established in New York City on January 1, 1837.

For these stories and more you can visit the USPS' FB page at USPS Facebook, while you're there, how about givin' em a like :)

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Can a Gal get some Facebook likes?

Hello again Readers! I know I'm awfully chatty for an early Sunday evening but I have come to ask for a favor; In the name of spreading the snail mail love to as many as possible I have set up a Facebook page for the blog. You can view the page by going to this link My Happy Mail Box on FB! 

I'd love it if I can acquire a few of you as fans, hopefully we can spark some mail inspiration as people are getting their holiday cards together.....which now I will be on my way to finish! Thank you everyone! :)

PS If the page catches on I will add it to the side bar, deal?

*Edit* If your blog or favorite site has a FB Fan Page let me know and I'll give 'em a "Like"!

The European Paper Company

Happy Sunday, Readers! I have a wonderful new blog and site to tell you about this morning!

I recently received an e-mail from Leah at The European Paper Company, it seems that my little part of the Internet has come to the attention of the staff and they have been kind enough to add me to their blog roll! After some poking around the blog and the retail site, I thought you all might enjoy a new place to poke around too! Both sites have been added to the side bar for your convenience, however you can find them easily in this post too!

If your looking for new boxed note cards, fine stationary, planners or art supplies you can visit the retail store by going to The European Paper Company.

When you're out there searching for crafts, ideas, contests, or product questions and concerns hop on over to The European Paper Blog.

Check it out and let me know what you all think! As always, if there is something you would like me to highlight, let me know!

Enjoy your Sunday and get your Monday mail ready--I'm on Christmas cards now!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Fat and Happy Mailbox Post!

Oh.My.Dear. Don't go a week or so with out checking your PO Box (it's been cold, it's not my fault I promise--I'm not ready for all these winter shenanigans). I have so many postcards it is unreal! Plus a few Christmas cards and pen pal letters! I just popped a few cards in the mail for some of my Postcrossing and Swap-bot partners--and that's not even counting the tons of holiday cards I still need to put out to friends and family (yes pen pallers and blog followers who want to send me their address count as friends!!!!). This batch of mail came from the two above mentioned sites as well as Walltype (which I need to check so I can send some cards out!). I also have a new blog to post about and add to the side bar! Let's get started!

Gerda in the Netherlands sends me an awesome wave, Marike was kind enough to part with a Van Gogh card from the actual museum in Amsterdam, Yooperhill decided to appeal to my appetite and send me a great chunk of cardboard with a recipe for filling tacos on the back, and from Julie comes a card from Mother Goose Village!

Linda was kind enough to send a Japanese Kite card from her collection, another beautiful card from Michigan-this one coming from Porsha, A Jefferson dropped me a view of the Longs Peak (circa 1930) and Elizabeth sends me some Nancy Drew love!

Ruth sends some Sunshine and reminds me that its really not cold in Oklahoma when compared to her 17* in Minneapolis, a Halloween card with some great books listed on the back comes from Tricia, from Merideth a view of the James Hill House (built in 1891) and Beth knows how to get me every time with beautiful views from my home state!

Pat sends me warm wishes via a Halloween hot air balloon, from AtinaGrace I get Australian oceans and a Koala bear ( a zoo card shall come your way soon!), the Three Cliffs Bay in Wales, UK from Annie, and Elizabeth sends us some Dutch cows :)

A beautiful view from Annik in France, from Nayeil we have a vintage card, another awesome waves comes my way from Naomi, and a lovely card with no name comes from Germany!

My first card from Kazakhstan comes from Natalie, Susan sends us Christmas wishes and a big kitty!, a Christmas in the city comes from Judee and two little birdies enjoying the snow come from Heidi!

Linda gives us a peak at Modesto, CA while Amora sends me her favorite super heroes on a card from MGM in Florida! One of the funniest cards I have ever seen makes its way from Melissa in Massachusetts, and Natalie shares her favorite California vacation spot!

Heidi sends a still life from the Ringling Museum (also in Florida!), Rosalie shares a wonderful rooftop view of her town, from Jill an odd yet awesome Edward Hopper painting, and Karrisa sends me a card that she made!

The last two postcards of the post come from Yasmine in Australia who lived in Shanghai for a year, and Anchuta who sends a card from The Russian Diamond Fund in the Kremlin!

My first two official Christmas cards of the Season! The snowmen come from Judy and the beautiful tree was sent to me from Linda! Thank you ladies both for the great cards and the extras! It feels like Christmas already! :)

Thursday, December 1, 2011

(Another) Week's Worth of Mail!

Hello Readers! We have a couple of new followers with us (YAY) and a whole week of mail to show off! I got a few pen pal letters back this week and a ton of great postcards! Most of them came from Swapping , with a few Postcrossing stragglers thrown in. I hope that everyone has had a good week so far--I know a lot of you are breaking out your Christmas decorations and getting your shopping done. I have done neither, but I did stock up on some great postcards, hah! Let's get to it, shall we?

From Ashley who now lives in Florida but used to live in Oklahoma--it's like we switched! Thank you for the Mickey Mouse love! 
 From Sinead a card featuring Long Beach, my first Oregon Coast card from Regina, from Becky (sent from Tacoma) a card from Sete, and my first card from the Susquehanna River-thanks Deb
 A gorgeous sunset from Susannah, The Great Salt lake (featuring Antelope Island) from Rattissia, from Leona a awesome view of Manhattan -I've been there and it is that pretty-, and from Kris a touristy postcard that is quite possibly my favorite and it just happens to be in Florida!
 Justine sends a view of Bryce Cannon in Utah, a "Did you know" about the Lincoln Memorial from Rose, Cyndi sends a vintage card she picked up at a flea market of the George Wythe House, and Sam also sends us a "Did you know" pc, this one from Texas!
 OMG I LOVE HALLOWEEN--Thank you Teresa, and who couldn't love this beautiful bluebird from New York, also, Ilona (aka The Missive Maven) sends us a DC Comics card!
 One of my first cards from Ireland--I think I could get in to milk and Guinness delivery :D, even more love from home a card featuring the (most scary-makes-you-want-to-cry) Sun Shine State Bridge; As much as I hated going over it, the view is great, and lastly for this group an adorable kitty cat from Gabriela!
 My final postcard for the evening comes from Lawrence in France!
 Finally for the evening a few cards and letters from Marie, Jeni, Yanelis, and Lindsay! Thank you all :)

I'm off to my Swap-bot account now as I have a few swaps to send out! Happy Mailing, let's finish the end of the week strong!