Sunday, October 16, 2011

I'm Back! Halloween Mail Part Deux and a Life Update :)

Hello Readers, Followers, and Lurkers! I have been gone for a little over a week and I am so happy to be back! Things have been super hectic at the bank, I think I mentioned before that we were drastically under staffed resulting in everyone working six days a week and anywhere between 8 and 12 hours a day. Now we are back up and running like a normal branch. Which not only means we won't have people complaining that they had to stand in line (gasp. stand in line? at a business...noooo...) but I will actually have some time to get to the post office and to write back to my pen pals! Yay!

This past week or so had shown even more glorious Halloween mail as well as a few postcards from a City and Village swap. I am thinking about starting a Thanksgiving swap but I haven't decided on the details yet. I had a HUGE list of everything I've sent--and then my newer cat decided to rip up my list, but don't worry I have some swaps and letters due, so my "where to list' should be fat and happy. Let's get to some mail, shall, we? All but one piece came from Swap-bot!

Cards, postcards, and recipies (with a few goodies tossed in)
 My Halloween Scavenger hunt package from a Canadian swapper
 A Halloween Sock Swap!
 Which came in a super spooky and awesomely decorated envelope

 Even more socks and holiday goodies--this was actually a different swap!
 A beautiful card from Dana who is on vacation enjoying her anniversary, one showing a city in the Philippines, a NYC card from a blog reader! and a neat card from Wisconsin.
 And last but not least another handfull of halloween cards and postcards! My swap parterns and readers are awesome!

Thank you all for hanging with me! I'm excited to be getting back to regular updates and writing! See ya at the post office :)

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  1. Hi Randi, glad to see you back posting. Wow, what a bunch of beautiful mail and goodies!!! A very happy mailbox indeed!