Monday, October 17, 2011


Hello Monday Readers! As promised earlier this afternoon I am back with my actual mail goods! Today's mail is brought to us mostly by Swap-bot (where I am hosting a Swap!!--oh come on it's a little shameless self promotion never hurt anyone LOL). There is also a lovely card from Postcrossing, which was a welcome change-feels like it's been a while since I've gotten one from a crosser. Let's get on to the bag o' goodies shall we?

Two postcards today, one from my final partner in "One Person Each City", this one comes from a user in Russia, and the second from a postcrosser in Washington state
 This comes from the Halloween Recipe swap that I hosted. My partner sent me a HYSTERICAL card as well as a pretty delish sounding recipe for "Guacamoldy" ahahah
 She also took the time to send me some much appreciated stickers and to decorate the envelope! How neat!
 back view
 Another Halloween swap (I'm hooked what can I say!!!!) Which brought me socks, candy, stickers, "Ghoulaid" (yes it's koolaid) and you see that little pumpkin--that's a flashing pin. I am so wearing this to work on Halloween! Thanks, Janice!

Today's outgoing mail went to:
South Africa
Germany (x's 2)
Crosby, Texas
Dumfries, Virginia

Now I am off to sort and organize some mail so that I can actually write back to the letters that I owe! :) Hope you all had a happy mail Monday, let's go get some letters out!


  1. haha That card is pretty dirty, but I agree that it's hysterical!

  2. I love the Halloween goodies! And I'm in your swap! I can't wait to see what cards someone pawns off on me : )

  3. I may have gone over board with Halloween swaps this year! ahahah

    @Marian, I love the card, it made me laugh so hard that I had to show it to my mother!

    @Deltiolog, thank you SO much for joining my swap, I hope you get a good one!