Thursday, October 6, 2011

Lots of Halloween mail and some postcards!

Just a quick update on the awesome mail that i have gotten in so far this week. Lots of Halloween cards and postcards, a few foreign postcards and an pretty neat box of goodies (please forgive any typing errors as the cat is currently pulling on a rubber band that is around my wrist). Some quick pictures for tonight--I have some neat mail related articles I want to blog for you and let you all know where my mail has gone out to this week.

Oh, and for the record, the post worker officially knows and greets me by name. I may have a mail problem :P

My stack of Halloween related cards and postcards :D

 Two postcards from foreign swappers (Rome and Germany), as well as a letter from a pen pal in PA
 A don't forget to renew notice from my post office--hahah!
 The outside of my Halloween box
 Inside--I love this witch
 The goods!

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  1. Wow what awesome mail! Love the Halloween cards and the box is super and so are the goodies. Enjoy!!!