Saturday, August 6, 2011

Holy Mail Bag, Batman! A week's worth of mail you say?

As promised, I am here to update all of the mail I got this week! I am sorry to keep it all to myself I promise to not take unannounced week long hiatuses again :)

here's a quick snapshot before I break it all down, as you can see it was a pretty good week!

The next cards a I am going to post are all from Swap-bot- the swap was "Once PC Per State", everyone had 15 partners so even though I sent a lot I got a lot in return, too!

(From Rose, Ana, and Laura-Lynne)
(From Belinda, Pam, KikoLala, and Cindy)
(From Laura-Lynne and Alix)

Next up are a few cards from Postcrossing

(From BB in Taiwan, Valya in Russia, "Grandma" in Finland, and Emilie in France)
(From Ola in Poland and Olga in Belarus)

More Swap-bot! (I've done a lot of swapping lately as you can see!!)

(From Destiney 1, Kikolala, Chris, and Cindy)
(From Alix and The Missive Maven
My first home made card (no user name listed)
Look at these cool stamps I got on a swap letter with Neecie!
Which were on this super pretty envelope that I am pretty sure is legit wall paper!

My super cute package from Rachel in AZ- I LOVE magnets!
All my goodies that came in envelopes, a state postcard swap, and Asian take out menu swap, and several pen pal swaps and letters

Three pictures (and several cards) from Walltype

(From Postmuse, Silentrunning43, Lady Ambrosia, Jaime, and Helen)
(From Pat, Alexandria (Greece) and Anchuta
(From Darla and Emily)

here we have some entries from Send Something

(From users Girl on a Glide and The Fruid)

a reply card from Christian over at Can you send me a Postcard, a card from my pen pall Linsey who actually lives across town from me, and my first reply from Melissa over at Viva Snail Mail

and as you can see, my cat does not share our mail excitement today

WHEW!!!!! What an update! Now I am off as some of my swaps are due! Here's hoping you all had a great week of mail! I promise that next week will bring regular updates AND and outgoing destination list! HOLD ME TO IT! :) Happy snail-mailing, swapping, postcrossing, stamping, writing, etc!

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