Wednesday, August 10, 2011

This weeks mail Monday thru Wednesday

Okay, okay I know I went missing for a few days. My batteries in my camera died and would you believe that I didn't have any batteries? I even tried to steal them from the remote and those died, then the power went out because we had some storms, and I was at work more than I care to recall--and it's only Wednesday night! Whew!

Lets get to some mail, huh? : )

Kitty got some awesome mail today from Sarah on Swap-bot

A quick note from Sarah who sent me and my kitty some wonderful and much appreciated toys and treats :)
A letter and a beautiful handmade card from Limner over at Oh, Write Me!
A pen pal letter from a fellow swapper! Don't worry i will write back soon Kayla!
A Postcrossing card from Tanya in Belarus
Swaps from Pat, Gail, Kikolala, and Danielle
More Swaps! From Bettina, Gail, and Connie
Two Swaps and a Walltype from Bob, Nancy, and Mr.Emptypants
A few weird and touristy brochures and facts from Blacvulture
and finally for tonight

A letter, some postcards and some Halloween goodies from fellow swapper, Leeann :)

No out going mail today :(

I am getting together a couple of swaps that have come due and some cards I need to get out. This weekend I will be writing some of the letters that I am due to write back! Here's hopin' everyone full and happy mailboxes!

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