Friday, August 12, 2011

Thursdays (day late..oops) mail

Happy Friday All!!! I didn't want anyone to think that I forgot to update, Blogger was down for me last night and then i went to bed :P

Here is Thursday's mail--I will get today's when I pick up Saturday's (it was raining cats and dogs when I left work so I scurried home!!!). Mail all came from Walltype and Swap-bot, as well as a couple of letters from Swappers who wanted to write to me (and who I promise to write back!!!!!

Various Swaps and Wall users 
Literary PC Swap
Look! A Long horn!!! I love long horns (ignore kitty he wouldn't move)
Senders Choice Flag Swap--from Ellis Island!!!
So darn nosey!!!
Native American PC Swap
The Next two pictures are from a swapper in Spokane for the "Fill up my mail box with postcards" Swap
Sasquatch and a couple of awesome vintage cards :)
A letter from a recent swap partner
Two More Letters!!!!

Chunk of Cardboard Swap

Favorite Shakespeare Quote Swap

Watching for the Mail Man!!

Hope that everyone has had a great week! Here's wishin' you all a great weekend, be sure to get some mail out tomorrow, it's our last chance to send and get some mail happiness for this week!!!! :)

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