Friday, August 26, 2011

Mail So Far- Minus Today

Hello everyone! Thank you all for being so patient (and loyal, yay loyal) with me I know I promised to not go missing again and I really meant it, things have been hectic at work and I've been palling around with new friends I've made in town, I am also in the process of adopting a new kitty cat! Lets get to this weeks mail--I haven't picked it up for today yet so this is Monday through Thursday mail :)

From Kimbeewa and Manda77-- Both acquired from Swap-bot

 From Young46356 and Makestuff --Also swaps

 From Angel, TheIrmimi, Matthias, and Little Belle- a combination of swaps, Walltype and Postcrossing

 A swap from Valerie520 and a WT from Lauren

 A swap from JeJune (Violet)

My first pen pal letter from Letternet--from a young lady named Nathalie

Some cool Stamps too! I love the American Classic stamps!

A pen pall letter swap and some wonderful teas from Awesome Sauce!

 And finally a swap letter from Anne :)

Hopefully I have a little something waiting for me after work (don't worry I'm on lunch). I'm off to drop a couple of things in the mail! Happy Friday All!


  1. Awesome Sauce?! What a funny nickname! I love her handwriting...

  2. What a lovely mail you got ♥