Thursday, November 17, 2011

M-W Mail

Good Morning Readers! First I'd like to give a huge Thank You to all of you have taken a moment to check out my swap on Swap-bot and I am so happy a number of you have chosen to join one or both of them. (For those of you still interested you can view them by going here).

It's been a bit of a slow mail week here in OK; I did however, get a number of good pieces in! Mostly postcards so far our mail contributions this week came from Postcrossing, Walltype, Swap-bot and for the first time in a while I received a piece from Send Something! Let's get to some mail, shall we?

From Rikka in Finland a card featuring architect Alvar Aalto, another beautiful Michigan card from Laura, and from Sheri a card from her favorite spot on her California road trip.

A wonderful King Aurthur-esqe card from A.Jefferson, from Sophie and awesome card from Phoenix (doesn't it make you want to go visit?) and the most adorable card I have from NH-thank you Pat for the black bear! :)

Sheri sends us a great card from Cincinnati (another first), from Martina in Zagreb a lovely summer deck chair that is making me forget its getting cold outside! Finally for this set from Emily in CA we have a photo that she took herself! You can have your own postcards published like Emily at Simply Postcards.
My first card from Malaysia! Thank you  Raymond! From a user in China we have some ancient architecture in the forest, and Naomi sends us a pretty cool Michigan card! It seems I am popular with the Michigan natives this week! 
 And from Miss Lauren we have an adorable Thanksgiving day card!

Thank you all for the great mail! I have some time today to get some of mine out. I have a few postcard swaps due, a couple of letters ready and I found a new postcard project that I will be posting about to help a swap friend out! Happy Mailing

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