Sunday, November 13, 2011

Return of Updates!! My Apologies and Mail week of 10/31

Hello Faithful readers, as promised I have come back and on this Sunday I have two full weeks of mail to update you on! Thank you to those who have continued to send me blog-generated snailmail during my absence and also to those who sent me an e-mail to see where I had been. I must admit at first I just didn't feel like updating, then some nasty weather kept me from running to my PO Box, then my camera batteries died (don't worry I have actually purchased some new batteries, so I am hoping they last as I wont just be switching them out with whatever else in the house uses AA batteries) and FINALLY I had my wisdom teeth pulled! Phew! While I have been gone from the blogosphere, I have still been sending mail out so we shouldn't have to much of a lag--AND because I have tomorrow off I will be churning out some pen pal letters. WHOOO Mail! :) Let's get to some up dates shall we?

The following mail is all from the week of 10/31/2011...some from Swap-bot, Postcrossing, walltype* and from the site!

Isn't it all lovely? 

Thank you to Jennifer in CA, Jenny in GA, Anchuta in Russia, and Andrea in NC who sent me the only Day of the Dead Card I have seen! 

A beautiful card from Portugal (the stamp covered your name!), from Katherine who lives near Suffolk, a beauty of a sunset from Donna in NC, and from Laura in MI a great Halloween card :) 

Thank you to Monica for my first card from Norway!, Heike in Germany sends a lovely card from a nearby museum, another first--Elizabeth sends me a card from Nova Scotia, and Erin in CA sent me one of her odd-ball cards for a swap! Thank you all 

Finally for Postcards we have some Berlin architecture from Kathrin, some of Maines wildlife from Gail, great stamps and decoration from Lady Demelza in Australia, another Australian card comes from Catherine who vacations near Anglesea, and a neat record-card from Monique!
 LOOK AT ALL THESE CARDS! A mix of Halloween, Thanksgiving, stickers and recipes- a very, very BIG thank you to Karen, Susan, Tammy, Michelle & Ashley, Anne, Jessica, Rhonda, Heidi, and Patricia (who hand made her card!). Thank you all so much!

Thank you all so much for all of the great mail that has come my way and for reminding me that people really do pay attention to what I post! More snail mail updates to come!

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