Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Turkey Day--AND a week's worth of mail! oh my :)

Hello Readers! I logged on today and discovered we have a new follower--a very large thank you to those who stick by and also to those who just stop in to visit. Remember, if you have or see any interesting blogs that you think i should mention or follow, let me know, I love to return the favor!

A Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends home and abroad! Now, let's get to my week of awesome mail. Mostly postcards, but I did get a new pen pal letter (as well as caught up on most of mine!!!!) and an adorable package from Holland. Mail this week came from a new pen pal, Walltype, Postcrossing, and Swap-bot. Let's go!

From Jolanda in Holland a lovely package! She was my partner for a magnet swap and was kind enough to throw in some candy, a card, coins and a cute patch! Thank you, it's all wonderful!
 And a newspaper! :)
 My cardboard swap partner Betsy send me my favorite snack and a great letter on the back, from Michelle in AZ a card from San Xavier Mission (a first for me), and from Callie in Malaysia the international airport!
 Some cap-lillies from Yanelis, Etasha sends a great Gettysburg card (I hope your trip there goes well!), from Barb and adorable card from NY--this one really made me laugh, and from Catrine in Greece a beautiful card showcasing some of the country's locations.
 The French Alps from Jean-Michel, a touch of Ft. Myers Fl from Regina (you really need to go visit, it's great!), from Anne my first card from Jersey, France, and a Smoky Mountain cabin from Christina!
 Casco Bay Lighthouses!, Janadah in AL sent me some winter snow AND she just had a friend move to my town!, my first Zoo card comes from Elizabeth and the Lake Superior Zoo, and a wonderful Houston card from a swapper who just moved to the US from Germany!
 A shot from the Beaver Mountains in UT, a frisky puppy from Lena in Germany ( I still need to translate it), more Smoky Mountain love that came with no name (it's a swap-bot card so please let me know if it's yours) and from Atlantic City a glimpse at the boardwalk!
 A scenic UT card from Jessica and Yanelis sends a card from Scotland
 Denise was kind enough to send me not only a great card but some stickers and several postcards as well! I love the San Francisco card! :)
 Mcall sends us some California love, from Dominica a gorgeous card showing off the sights of Warsaw, and GinaMarie sends us a painting card of the painter Van Gogh!
 And finally for postcards we have, a lovely Japanese garden from Susan, a few nosey birds and a book from Regina, also from Regina the head of President Lincoln on Mt. Rushmore and surprisingly from Angela a card from the Gettysburg Lincoln Memorial featuring his famous address!
 My new pen pal, Melissa in Texas sends an introductory letter and some mail art. I'll write back soon!
 And Lastly for this week's mail so far we have a Fantasy Dinner Party letter from Layla in Scotland. Sounds like a lot of fun!

I hope you all enjoyed the mail as much as I have! I have some serious sorting to do, and a day off to write a couple of letters! Now, let's eat :)


  1. Hi Randi,
    Your card from Germany says: Wherever you are, whatever you're doing, whether you're laughing or have to cry, whether someone loves you, or all hate you. you can always rely on me!
    Love your goodies from Holland! Great mail week!
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Ahh.. so jealous that you got so much post :O I haven't has anything since Wednesday :( (It is only 2 days but to a mail junkie it's a lifetime, right?) By the way I followed your blog, it would be cool if you'd like to check mine out, it's also about snail mail

  3. So many lovely cards! I love opening up my mailbox to a fat stack of mail. So satisfying!

    Also, I'm not entirely sure, but could the unidentified swap-bot Smoky Mountains card possibly be from TwinMom? I got a similar card from her for a swap a few days ago. Hope that helps!