Saturday, December 24, 2011

Chrismas Eve Mail!

Hello Readers, Followers and passers-by! I hope that everyone is able to be home with their families, friends, and loved ones during this holiday season. A few pieces came in today--including one that had gotten lost (funny that I just posted about where lost mail goes on the Facebook Page) since September! Let's get to some mail so that we can get to holiday cookies and presents, shall we?

Ann sends a card fitting for this time of year, a wonderful shot from Rockefeller Center

 Kaylin sends a vintage movie star curling her eyelashes for a role, Jenny sends me my first Zebra, and a friend in Belarus sends Christmas wishes and a beautiful card (which oddly enough arrived with no stamp)

 A very cool World Traveler card comes from a Postcrossing user and Ria in Holland shows off her home town!

Postmark. Check. Stamp. Oops?

 From Lady Ambrosia comes a "Pasha" card-which is the English equivalent of Dancing with The Stars- and Gab & Rem send holiday wishes and vacation invoking views from New Zealand

 Ms. Rachel (of Swap-bot fame) sent me a lovely note and a great card from Arizona. It arrived safe and sound in my  mailbox this morning after being sent on its journey in mid September!


Two Christmas cards one from Katie in Orlando (yay) and one sadly with no name :( . Both filled with warm wishes for a wonderful holiday and thankfully they both hope that I don't get any snow!

 And more cards! One from my Megan in NYC and one from a friend, Stepheny, in Orlando! Thanks Ladies!

I hope you all have gotten some great mail full of cheer and warm wishes! Now let's all go enjoy what we  have left of the holidays! Remember, if your family and friends get to be to much or your spending this year away from home, you can always go write a letter!


  1. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Randi!


  2. Some of the cards are so interesting! Its really fun to get mail from all over. I like the creative "Let it snow" card.

    Happy Holidays!

  3. [Quick] Love Comment Blog ♥ (2) Piimanyx (1/3)

    Hello, your blog is funny ! I love postcard too. In your article, I love the postcard "traveler world" a little vintage, with "Japan" wrote over !

  4. Hi Randi, I'm from the s-b, comment love swap and no we weren't partners, but I like visiting around so here I am. We live in Ukraine, but, get this, we are from Oklahoma. You've made a real attractive blog here. I'm following and I hope you'll come visit my blog and follow there as well. It's an artsy blog.
    Cheers and Happy New Year, Coleen