Friday, December 16, 2011

On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me......MAIL!

Hi there readers!! I finally stopped and picked up my mail! A few Christmas cards have made their way in to my box, along with postcards and a letter. Not to mention a surprise from a coworker! I got a few cards from Postcrossing, Walltype, and Swap-bot! I also have a few blogs to add to the side roll. Let's get started shall we?

As a surprise on my desk this morning a Santa Claus Mail box from one of my coworkers, thanks AG! And a little box from Stephanie in Kansas! Awesome 

 Jurgen sends a card from Cologne, from Terri in Las Vegas we have a great view of the New York Hotel and Casino on the strip, Ashley has greatly managed to combine my love of beer-Halloween-and postcards, and Sarah sends me a card from St. George Island in Florida!

 A Christmas card with a kitty cat from Erin, a wonderful vintage holiday card comes from my postcard-pall Pat, and Andrea comes a William Sommer painting called "Pompous Boy"

 Nepu sends me a card from her 20th wedding anniversary trip to Rome and Julie pulls at my seasonal heartstrings with some wonderful New Hampshire fall foliage. Thank you both!

 Two postcards came from Yanelis--swimming camels and a card from Tazmania. From Vidmante in Lithuania we have a Dear Santa letter and two tiny Christmas cards! :)

Lithuanian Stamps!

 Some wintry decoration on my chunk of cardboard postcard!

 And my cardboard creation from Kristina who may be the only person I have ever encountered that likes bran flakes as much as I do. Right on!

 A great card from Maryland and one of few that I have from Acadia National Park, Marley sends us greetings from Memphis (I love these kinds of cards), a beautiful coastal Portugal card comes from Paule, and finally for this batch Linda sends another awesome card from Modesto!

Ruth sends a Puffin card...puzzles and books, my favorite!

Two Christmas cards came in today (and both with my favorite Snowmen!!!!!) Thank you to Carolyn and JoAnna!

 Rosalie was kind enough to send 4 beautiful cards from NYC! Thank you I love them. The lion at the library is my favorite!

I put my mail in my Santa Claus Mail Box just for the heck of it. I'll defiantly have to use this as a decoration for the holidays!

A week full of awesome surprises if I do say so myself (and I do!). I don't know about you guys but I only have about three more Holiday cards to send out and a couple of swaps due! I think I'm going to spend the holiday period catching up on pen pal letters! I'll be back a bit later to update the blog roll! Make sure to get some mail out tomorrow!


  1. I'm so glad the pumpkin beer chunk o cardboard postcard finally made it! The mail here has been a little screwy and the fact that it was almost square and on the smaller side made me even more nervous. I'm happy to know you like beer, we love craft beer here and I was worried about the small chance of you being someone horribly offended by alcohol hehe

    Now, I can officially come out of lurking! Happy Holidays :)

  2. I love your holiday mail box. What a lovely gift!

  3. [Quick] Love Comment Blog ♥ (2) Piimanyx (3/3)

    I love all postcard that you received ! They are very beautifull !
    Mainly this of New York in Black and White. At the beginning, I believed that it was Paris Postcard x)