Saturday, December 10, 2011

Fat and Happy Mailbox Post!

Oh.My.Dear. Don't go a week or so with out checking your PO Box (it's been cold, it's not my fault I promise--I'm not ready for all these winter shenanigans). I have so many postcards it is unreal! Plus a few Christmas cards and pen pal letters! I just popped a few cards in the mail for some of my Postcrossing and Swap-bot partners--and that's not even counting the tons of holiday cards I still need to put out to friends and family (yes pen pallers and blog followers who want to send me their address count as friends!!!!). This batch of mail came from the two above mentioned sites as well as Walltype (which I need to check so I can send some cards out!). I also have a new blog to post about and add to the side bar! Let's get started!

Gerda in the Netherlands sends me an awesome wave, Marike was kind enough to part with a Van Gogh card from the actual museum in Amsterdam, Yooperhill decided to appeal to my appetite and send me a great chunk of cardboard with a recipe for filling tacos on the back, and from Julie comes a card from Mother Goose Village!

Linda was kind enough to send a Japanese Kite card from her collection, another beautiful card from Michigan-this one coming from Porsha, A Jefferson dropped me a view of the Longs Peak (circa 1930) and Elizabeth sends me some Nancy Drew love!

Ruth sends some Sunshine and reminds me that its really not cold in Oklahoma when compared to her 17* in Minneapolis, a Halloween card with some great books listed on the back comes from Tricia, from Merideth a view of the James Hill House (built in 1891) and Beth knows how to get me every time with beautiful views from my home state!

Pat sends me warm wishes via a Halloween hot air balloon, from AtinaGrace I get Australian oceans and a Koala bear ( a zoo card shall come your way soon!), the Three Cliffs Bay in Wales, UK from Annie, and Elizabeth sends us some Dutch cows :)

A beautiful view from Annik in France, from Nayeil we have a vintage card, another awesome waves comes my way from Naomi, and a lovely card with no name comes from Germany!

My first card from Kazakhstan comes from Natalie, Susan sends us Christmas wishes and a big kitty!, a Christmas in the city comes from Judee and two little birdies enjoying the snow come from Heidi!

Linda gives us a peak at Modesto, CA while Amora sends me her favorite super heroes on a card from MGM in Florida! One of the funniest cards I have ever seen makes its way from Melissa in Massachusetts, and Natalie shares her favorite California vacation spot!

Heidi sends a still life from the Ringling Museum (also in Florida!), Rosalie shares a wonderful rooftop view of her town, from Jill an odd yet awesome Edward Hopper painting, and Karrisa sends me a card that she made!

The last two postcards of the post come from Yasmine in Australia who lived in Shanghai for a year, and Anchuta who sends a card from The Russian Diamond Fund in the Kremlin!

My first two official Christmas cards of the Season! The snowmen come from Judy and the beautiful tree was sent to me from Linda! Thank you ladies both for the great cards and the extras! It feels like Christmas already! :)

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  1. How neat it is to have glimpses of the whole world from simple mail. You are inspiring me to become active in the post card trading sites as well. :D -jotekb