Thursday, December 1, 2011

(Another) Week's Worth of Mail!

Hello Readers! We have a couple of new followers with us (YAY) and a whole week of mail to show off! I got a few pen pal letters back this week and a ton of great postcards! Most of them came from Swapping , with a few Postcrossing stragglers thrown in. I hope that everyone has had a good week so far--I know a lot of you are breaking out your Christmas decorations and getting your shopping done. I have done neither, but I did stock up on some great postcards, hah! Let's get to it, shall we?

From Ashley who now lives in Florida but used to live in Oklahoma--it's like we switched! Thank you for the Mickey Mouse love! 
 From Sinead a card featuring Long Beach, my first Oregon Coast card from Regina, from Becky (sent from Tacoma) a card from Sete, and my first card from the Susquehanna River-thanks Deb
 A gorgeous sunset from Susannah, The Great Salt lake (featuring Antelope Island) from Rattissia, from Leona a awesome view of Manhattan -I've been there and it is that pretty-, and from Kris a touristy postcard that is quite possibly my favorite and it just happens to be in Florida!
 Justine sends a view of Bryce Cannon in Utah, a "Did you know" about the Lincoln Memorial from Rose, Cyndi sends a vintage card she picked up at a flea market of the George Wythe House, and Sam also sends us a "Did you know" pc, this one from Texas!
 OMG I LOVE HALLOWEEN--Thank you Teresa, and who couldn't love this beautiful bluebird from New York, also, Ilona (aka The Missive Maven) sends us a DC Comics card!
 One of my first cards from Ireland--I think I could get in to milk and Guinness delivery :D, even more love from home a card featuring the (most scary-makes-you-want-to-cry) Sun Shine State Bridge; As much as I hated going over it, the view is great, and lastly for this group an adorable kitty cat from Gabriela!
 My final postcard for the evening comes from Lawrence in France!
 Finally for the evening a few cards and letters from Marie, Jeni, Yanelis, and Lindsay! Thank you all :)

I'm off to my Swap-bot account now as I have a few swaps to send out! Happy Mailing, let's finish the end of the week strong!

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