Sunday, December 11, 2011

Can a Gal get some Facebook likes?

Hello again Readers! I know I'm awfully chatty for an early Sunday evening but I have come to ask for a favor; In the name of spreading the snail mail love to as many as possible I have set up a Facebook page for the blog. You can view the page by going to this link My Happy Mail Box on FB! 

I'd love it if I can acquire a few of you as fans, hopefully we can spark some mail inspiration as people are getting their holiday cards together.....which now I will be on my way to finish! Thank you everyone! :)

PS If the page catches on I will add it to the side bar, deal?

*Edit* If your blog or favorite site has a FB Fan Page let me know and I'll give 'em a "Like"!


  1. I have officially "liked" your page.

  2. I liked your facebook page, here's mine:

  3. Yay Thanks folks! Sarah I'm on my way to Like you now:)