Friday, January 6, 2012

First Mail of the New Year!

Hello boys and girls! We are just about a week in to 2012 and I know for many of us the break comes after the holidays are finally over!  Now that we have family obligations out of the way (and hopefully resolutions underway) it's time to get back to our regularly scheduled programs of work and hobbies. The mail was a bit slow this week but I admit that I haven't gotten much out either; a couple of letters found there way to me from new writers and a few postcards from all of the usual haunts. Let's get to it shall we?

Two Vintage-Esq cards made their way this week, one comes to us from Linda in VA and the second from CJ in Canada appealed to my love of shopping with a pioneer market!

 A letter from Impeccable=M has made it's way to me! I love the stationery and the decorative flair on the address. Expect a letter back soon (and I suspect that we shall be hearing more from M...)

 M's matching card
 A (better late than never) holiday card from my Sorority Daughter! YAY AGD!

 Another card from a friend back home. Aren't these penguins cute?

 This letter makes its way from Karen in Rush Springs. One of very few Oklahoma homesteaders that I have encountered during my mail exchanges! She was kind enough to send one of my favorite OK postcards as well as some seasonal tea :) I'll write back soon!

My Favorite type of card, the "did you know" makes its way from Olivia and features the Super dome . Did you know that in 1981 The Rolling Stones played here to the largest indoor concert ever ( 87,500 people)! Pam (who always sends great cards) sends us a colorful and adorable map of Nebraska!

My first card featuring wind turbines! This modern day windmill provides a clean source of electricity to over 150,00 homes a year---and they are neat looking! Thank you, Judee!

A reminder that spring may be near! An adorable little lamb comes from Barbara in VA--and she was kind enough to jot down her favorite Carmel corn recipe for me. Sounds delish! :)

Hurrah! A letter from Carol! I will write back ASAP! Don't you just love those snowflakes?

Finally for tonight Reggie sends us some folk art from Oaxaca, Mexico! how neat are these little guys!

I hope everyones had a great new year so far and that you are planning to get some great mail out, I know I am, I have some catching up to do!

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