Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tuesday-NOT a slow mail day!

Happy Tuesday Readers!

I hope you all are having a great day! Things were pretty slow at the bank today (except when I was trying to leave of course) which is good and bad. Good if I have something that I need to work on. Bad, if like this afternoon I don't. However there is a silver lining to my uneventful work day....what's that you ask?

Thirteen, yes 13, pieces of mail! And on a Tuesday! I just about fell over with excitement!!! Let's get to the mail, shall we?

A better late then never birthday greeting from my pal Weazer over at the Tulsa Zoo! I hear he had some help writing it out from the Volunteer Coordinator. Either way, I love it! 
 From a Postcrossing user in Russia. Such a pretty card, the text reads "Merry Christmas". Thank you to Oxana for the correction :)
 The top card, comes from an 82 year old Postcrossing user in Latvia who actually got this card from her great-grandson who lives in the UK! Thank you to Cindy for my first card of the Concord Point Lighthouse in Harve de Grace, Maryland!
Photographed and made in to a postcard from Emily over at FrouFrouPostcards! Next a great artists view of New York City comes from Patricia! Thank you Ladies!
 Silke in Dresden sends a (first) and wonderful view from The Elbe Sandstone Mountains (in German: Elbsandsteingebrige), a range that sits between the state of Saxony in South East Germany and the North Bohemian border of the Czech Republic.
 Regina sends "Reading Woman" by French artist Pierre Auguste Renoir. I agree with you Regina, I like these cards--don't blame you if you buy yourself a set to keep! :)
 Birthday Greetings come from Magi, a German pen pal! Kind of neat card from Kenna's second record! Thank you :)
 Pamela sends what she calls "a little doodle from me to you" hahah! I think that it's a great doodle personally and it sits in the ranks of only 5 handmade cards that I have ever gotten! Let me know if you take a Zentangles class!
 A beautiful Birthday card and letter from my German Pen Pal, Stephanie! I have to find something nice to write back on! :) Look for a letter soon.
 Three more letters came today! One from Lenie in Poland, some reading recommendations from Jemma in the UK and a pen pal letter from Lucas! Thank you all! Letters soon I promise (I just stocked up on a ton of cards and I'm looking for some nice paper!)

I am hoping to get some mail together tonight! I clearly have some letters to catch up and I need to drop some cards to Anna and Wes! Happy Mailing!!


  1. Please change the fore ground.. Please, please , please

  2. on the 2nd card the Russian text actually reads 'Merry Christmas'

  3. Thank you, Oxana! I just go by what the sender tells me :) I'm off to correct it!

  4. A great mail day indeed and especially for a Tuesday!