Saturday, January 21, 2012

Saturday Mail!

A good handful of mail made it's way this weekend. Some awesome postcards to share with all of you! Let's get to it !

My grandmother is in the process of cleaning out drawers and closets so that she can move. She usually comes across something interesting (or something she forgot she had haha) but this time she came across a pack of postcards from Ashtabula County, Ohio! The cards show off 16 of the county's covered bridges-now I just have to decide who to send them too! Thanks, Grandma!

Yay! Another awesome card came from Andrea! I am going to have to step up my postcarding game and make something awesome to send her way. To bad I lack any creative skills (ideas and tips are welcome!)!
 Tiffany in Sand Springs definitely spoiled me today. Not only did she take the time to decorate the envelope to represent Tulsa and write me a letter ......
 But she also sent me for awesome and adorable envelopes made from old calender pages! How cool are these? Such a great way to jazz up your outgoing mail and find a way to recycle your wall calendars! Thanks a lot Tiffany, I know what I will be doing with my 2011 calendar now :)
 While Darla's kittens are making their way through New York, Pamela's Arizona rattlesnake seems to be anxiously awaiting them! I'd hate to come up on that snake anywhere but man are those kittens cute! Thank you ladies!
 From Victoria in Chezkasu, Ukraine! Thank you for the fun card and I hope you enjoy your traveling! :)
Look at the cool stamps that came along for the ride!

 Scenes from Old Sacramento (which flourished during the gold rush) makes it's way to my mailbox from Yanelis.
 My first Annie Oakley card! Thank you Lisa for adding something new to my collection!
 Another first (and along those same western lines),  a map of the Oregon Trail! Walter, who was kind enough to send the card, has ancestors that to the US from Denmark and then traveled to Utah by covered wagon!
 The last postcard of the day comes from Karroline in Poland. Her card shows off an artists rendering of the city she lives in, Piotrkow.
I really do love foreign stamps, I can't help myself!

All of this wonderful mail greeted me on this cold Saturday afternoon--as well as a slew of pen pal letters! You all really know how to keep a girl busy! I'm off for a post birthday dinner! Happy Mailing :)

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  1. Some awesome postcards! and nice mail :) Looks like you've had a good week :D