Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Little Bit of Mail!

Happy Happy Wednesday Everyone! I have a bit of mail this so far this week to show off, Ill be honest though, I did pick this batch up a couple of days ago and I haven't been able to swing by my PO Box since then! I hope you all have gotten some great mail this week!

A multi-view of Kassel. Located in Northern Hesse, Germany, population about 195,000, The city's name is derived from the ancient Castellum Cattorum, a castle of the Chatti, a German tribe that had lived in the area since Roman times.

The Milwaukee Art Museum, designed by architect Santiago Calatrava the museum is know for its sunshade which gently rolls up against the back drop of Lake Michigan!

From Daugavpils, the second largest city in Latvia!

My first Valentine card! I had no idea they made postcards for V-Day! Thank you Krysal!

Adorable Christmas Puppies from Susan

This has to be the TINIEST Christmas card that I have ever seen! I mean really, how cool! Thank you so much for adding some flair to my card size, Vanessa!

With an adorable Squirrel stamp, might I add!

Thank you to Yvonne for a wonderful letter and some Halloween goodies! I will write back soon!

That's all for me today folks. I should go write some letters but its my birthday so I'm being lazy!

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