Monday, January 30, 2012

Monday's Postcard--Welsh Love Spoons

Happy Happy Monday Readers! I had a couple of letters come my way today but I got a really neat postcard that I want to share! This card comes from Victoria on Postcrossing! Not only is this card a first but it is one of only a handful that I have gotten from Great Britain.

"Welsh Love Spoons"
"The giving of a carved spoon by a lover to his lass as a taken of affection is a Welsh custom which dates back to the 17th century. Spoons were also made for social occasions such as courtship, weddings and christenings. Each spoon is made individually and consequently tells its own store.

The Welsh spoon is unique as it is developed from the 'cawl spoon', a spoon used for eating Welsh broth. Each cawl spoon was an individual spoon made by the man for the household. This carving of spoon developed into the Love Spoon as the handle became a vehicle for the ;spooner' to tell his love by means of symbols. Hearts are common and should be full hearts and  not fretted out. Chain links represent  being linked together in affection. Grooves may be cut to outline a house or church and be filled in with coloured wax, thus giving a picture of "My house is yours" or "I wish to take you to church". A cockerel or peacock is often carved on a wedding spoon as a wish for fertility and a horseshoe for good luck. These are in face innumerable symbols which represent the individual wishes of the 'spooner'".


  1. Such an interesting post. Lovely postcard, too. Glad you got your card from GB. It's nice to get one you hope for. My latest want is a card or letter from Iraq. If their mail system is working, then there's stronger hope for the people there.

  2. Now I remember! The Smithsonian Magazine did a story about the Welsh spoons a few years back. Or was it Nat Geo? Hm. Either way, I remember. :) Thanks for shaking up my memory archives.

  3. Glad I could help! I had never seen them before so as of last night I have been on a googling frezny!! I feel like I've been left out on such a cool tradition--I guess that means I just owe the sender extra thank yous :)