Saturday, September 17, 2011


This week saw very little mail (in comparison to what I normally get), three days came with no mail and the rest of the mail was mostly on Tuesday. I did however commit a snail mail sin, I SENT ABSOLUTELY NO MAIL THIS WEEK. I know this makes me a bad person. I can feel your judgments--I had no swap became active, I had no stamps and no time to get to the post office while it was actually open and I just didn't have the ummpff to sit down and write anything thoughtful to my pen pals, so to those eagerly awaiting my usually timely letters, I do apologize, and to my followers (we are 22 and going strong!) I thank you for your patience. So lets just get to the mail I did get this week huh? :) This week saw the arrival of a package, 9 postcards, and two letters!

An all Autumn package from Tammy (the note card below is also part of my package)

 And a whole mess of international postcards, featuring cathedrals, water towers, cows, religious icons, architecture and zombie survival!
 And last but not least two pen pal letters :)

I promise to do some writing the rest of this weekend. I have a couple of swaps to get out (and a lot more coming up, so I will be busy), and tons of letters to get back to! Here's hoping you all had a great week of mail!

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