Sunday, September 11, 2011

Saturdays Mail, and a little surprise

Got a few pretty good pieces in the mail yesterday (which i photographed and loaded and then forgot to post) and well as a little surprise in a used book. Unfortunately I didn't send anything out as I am working on a story swap and gathering some much over due pen pal letters together. Pictures anyone? :)

From Angie a Postcard on the border of the Czech Republic, Megan was kind enough to send me a little piece of Daytona Beach (yay for home postcards), Onibunny was my partner for the weird/offensive swap I did and managed to find a PC that is a picture of a bullet wound!!!!!! And last for this picture is a magnet from NYC and note from Atiya.

 A niffty card from Linsey who lives across town from me :)

 This was a quote swap about laughter. the envelope is made from an old calandar page and the note card is filled with wonderful quotes about the importance of laughter. Thank you, Indigo!
 These are the quotes inside.
 She was also kind enough to send me some Halloween tags just because!!
 This is my surprise-This postcard of the Newstead Abbey in Nottingham was found in a used book store (tucked in a book about Nottigham) and now it has made it's way in to my little box of collectibles. I wonder who will get it? :)

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