Thursday, September 29, 2011

Last Weeks Mail

A very very late post I know. This is the mail I got last week. It's only a few pieces but in all fairness the week before I didn't send a single thing :(

here's what I did get though!

A beautiful hand made card from my pen pal, Carol, A PC from Johnathan in Colorado, a swap letter from Pickle and a Russian Postcard!
 From Sara, Pirrko, Teena, and Tara (all Swap-bot swaps)
 From my wonderful Linsey (who lives across town)- this pc is actually from the Hilton in Orlando. Yay!
The cats are trying to escape!

and finally a wonderful card from Maggz in Portugal!!!

See, I told you all it was a slow mail week! I will be posting this weeks mail tomorrow morning as well as a list of where ALL of the wonderful mail I have sent this week. Thank you all for your patience and kind emails! I promise to get back on the ball :)

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