Friday, September 30, 2011

This Weeks Mail (Monday Thru Thursday)

Good Morning Readers (and hello to the lurkers and first timers!), I just want to take a moment this morning and show you the mail that I got in this week, not a whole lot but I have been putting in a LOT of work on my swaps and letters so hopefully we will be back up to fat and happy mailbox status soon! There is however one piece of mail that won't make it into this post --it will get it's very own post! Hurrrayyyy. Let's get to it shall we? Mini-Disclaimer, all of this weeks mail came from various Swap-bot swaps or pen pals (and a first time writer! yay!!!)

These four cards are from the "One person from each village" swap that I am a part of. Thank you to all my partners who have sent great cards--and thanks for the hearts on my cards! :) 
 A wonderful Micky Mouse card and two more from my "Every Village" swap partners
 A letter from Jeni and a letter from a prospective new pen pall!

and finally all--well the vast majority (I'm sure i forgot to write something down) of out going mail since my mini leave of absence!!!!! Drum Rolll Please....

*Germany*Mabelton, Georgia*Russia*Belarus*2 Packages to Australia*A Package to the United Kingdon*Englewood, Colorado*Trier, Germany*Aurich, Germany*Kenosha, Wisconsin*Las Vegas, Nevada*Hanford, California*Encino, California*Wakefield,United Kingdon*Philadelphia, Pennsylvania*Fredonia, New York*Colorado Springs, Colorado*Binan City, Philippines*Annandale, Australia*Russia*Hillsoboro, Oregon*Taiwan*Takoma Park, Maryland*The Netherlands*Israel* Olathe, Kansas*Goose Creek, South Carolina* Aztec, New Mexico (x's 2)*Harer Hill, Massachusetts*New York, New York*Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania*Davidson, Michigan*Zur-Yigal, Israel*Tulsa, Oklahoma*Getzville, New York*Lithuania*Glen Iris, Australia*

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