Monday, September 5, 2011

Two Swap-bot Swaps!!!

Hi there followers and readers--Happy Labor Day!! I hope that everyone had a great holiday and for those of you who had to work (or who aren't in American) I hope that your weekend was lovely and relaxing.

I have two new swaps going on Swap-Bot that I would love for you all to check out-as well as one that isn't new in creation but that those who are interested can still sign up for. Two are Halloween themed and one is a post card swap. You can view the swaps in the links below--as always I would love the support, comments, ideas, criticisms, etc.

Halloween Recipe Swap --exchange a Halloween card and a ghoulish holiday food creation

Halloween Postcard Swap 2- send a homemade or store bought postcard to your partners wishing them a happy or creepy Hallows Eve

Odd Postcard Swap--here you can "pawn off" a weird, ugly, dark, or offensive postcard you have been keeping, as long as you tell your partner how you got it and why you aren't big on it

Here is wishing you all a wonderful week and a full mail box! No in coming or out going mail in the US today but don't worry I am prepping my list of outgoing for tomorrow right now!!

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