Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Picture (perfect) Postcard!

Happy Happy Wednesday Folks! I got a little bit of mail in today: one letter and a handful of great postcards! One that came from a Swap-bot pairing!

A "Black and White Postcard" swap lead to this little gem landing in my mailbox. I immediately thought the card was kind of cool, I mean, who sends cards with bees on them? Then, I turned the card over to find out that Ms. Rebecca in Arkansas actually took this picture herself last fall! Rebecca and her family keep bees as a hobby; in this photo our bee is licking up a bit of honey that is too small for us to see with the naked eye. Over the course of her life, this little bee with produce 1/12th of a teaspoon of honey. Man, that's a lot of hard work for only a little reward. Thanks for the info Rebecca and thanks for sharing your Bee with me!

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