Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A Little Late Leap Day Postcard!

Happy Tuesday Readers! Sorry about my Monday absence, I was busy writing letters and swapping postcards! Not much mail came in yesterday--in fact one postcard was all I got--and I haven't checked my PO Box today....BUT! I did want to take a moment between the end of work and going back to work for a meeting to show you how awesome this card is!

Thank you to Velma, who not only found a Leap Day Themed card but who also had it hand cancelled for the holiday!

"Leap Year Ladies of Laughter: Variable as the shade by the quivering aspen made, See the New Woman in a Novel Sphere: Introducing the three great equestriennes of the day, The Only Clown Women: Who wear the comic crown"

You can learn more about Velma and her awesomeness by checking out her blog-- Velma's World!

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