Friday, March 2, 2012

Friday Postcard Mail!

Well Good Afternoon Readers! Not only do I want to wish you a happy happy Friday and a great weekend, but can you guys believe that it's already March! And we had an extra day to get there! Sorry for not updating yesterday, I came home, I sat down, and well--that was the end of me. I am proud do say that I did get a couple letters out in spite of my lack of post-work motivation!

This Friday finds a mailbox full of a variety of postcards! Let's get started and planning for next weeks mail!

First up this evening, a card from Jenny! The Veterans Administration Hospital in Denver, CO was completed in 1951. Not only is it equipped to bed and care for 504 veterans, the hospital also serves as the epicenter of Denver's medical community! Something to check out on my vacation!! :) 

Pam sends a shot of the Nebraska State Capitol Building. The 400 foot tall tower is topped by a 32 foot tall bronze statue named "The Sower"; the statue is fashioned to reflect a man sowing seed and symbolizing the importance of agriculture to the development of civilization. Thanks Pam!

From Ashley, the Weeping Wall in Glacier National Park, Montana. In the spring and start of summer, runoff rills of foaming water cascade over the face of the rock wall creating unusual sights for passers-by. From Susie, the John McBarnes Memorial building in Bloomington, IL. Thank you ladies, I just love these vintage cards :)

Jeanette in New Zealand sends a Kea my way and reminds us all of the importance of preserving, conserving and protecting native animals as we expand our communities.

This beautiful brown bear came all the way from the forests of Belarus!

Jill shares her love of the arts-especially ballet with me this week! The oil painting, "Dancers Practising at the Barre: by Edgar Degas comes from the British Museum collection in London.

A childrens story with a bit of horror and fantasy tied in! Antonia introduces me to "The Antarctic Express" by Kenneth Hite, a retelling of HP Lovecrafts' "At the Mountains of Madness". This looks awesome, thank you!

Well, that's it for me tonight folks! A couple of postcards to get out for Saturdays mail and a few letters to read and reply too! Happy Friday! :D

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  1. I love the ballet one~! *___* I adore artsy postcards in general~