Thursday, March 8, 2012

Post Card: The Myth of Dangun

Today's card comes from a fellow Swapper! Thank you, Lee for the awesome card--which also happens to be my first from Korea! :D

"According to legend, circa 23333 B. C., a bear and a tiger residing deep within the mountains of the Korean peninsula prayed to the heavenly god, Hwanin, to transform them into humans. Hwanin's son, Hwanwoong heard their prayers and offered to grant the bear and the tiger's wish only if they could endure living for 100 days within a cave. During this period, they could eat nothing save for a daily clove of garlic and a handful of mugwart.

After a few days of darkness and hunger, the tiger abandoned the cave. The bear, however, managed to survive the 100 days, and true to his word Hwanwoong transformed the bear into a beautiful young woman, whom he shortly thereafter made his bride. The bear lady and Hwanwood soon had a sun and named him Dangun. Dangun would later become a great leader founding the first kingdom on the Korean peninsula. Dangun, therefore is a considered the ancestor of all Koreans." 

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  1. How fun to have a great picture and a story to go with it!