Saturday, March 3, 2012

Saturday Mail: Postcards and Potholders!

Well hello Saturday afternoon readers! It's a bright, sunny, cool day in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, just perfect for the weekend. A little bit of mail came my way today and I thought it best to catch you all in between coming in from your early Saturday plans and going back out for your evening plans! Let's get going shall we?

Susan sends another great California card! This one shows off a little bit of everything that Palm Springs has to offer--from the popular city to the gorgeous mountain range and everything in between. Personally I like the big horned sheep in the corner :D Thank you for expanding my CA collection, and thank you for the book recommendations! 

My first Whale Tail card! I just love when whales arch their tails on a dive and you see their tail up in the air! Thank you to Marine in the Netherlands for sending me this card, which is also a card issued by Green Peace!
The Rough Translation of the Back--do we have any Dutch speakers?
(A humpback whale in the southern ocean near Antarctica.  whale hunting, worldwide overfishing and achievement can the oceans threaten the whales existence. our oceans again healthy and protected all the thanks to the diligence of  Greenpeace for creating marine reserves and sustainable fisheries.)

That's it for the mail (see I told you) but I did get something pretty neat at work today! Seems one of our customers was in the creative mood and made us all a bunch of nifty pot holders!  I snagged these two as the fabric reminded me of those old school "Greetings From" postcards and old state stamps! How cute :)

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