Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Past Due Postcards Part 1!!!!

Hello Readers! Hello Followers! Hello Lurkers and Passers-by!!!! Remember me? I'm the girl that owns this blog and after weeks of silence due to technical issues (that I fully admit that I am not smart enough to fix and I also was in no hurry to fix...) I can HAPPILY say that I am back up and running! I have so much wonderful mail to catch you folks up on, so much in fact that I think it would be best for everyone to do it in a few different posts! So with out further adue, here is the first chunk of mail. Let's go!!!

First up, TWO, count 'em two wonderfully beautiful postcards showing off the tulip fields of Holland. I remember the first time I saw photos of this, I could not believe the rows upon rows of different colors! Thank you so very much to Corrie and Gerda for being kind enough to share their country's spring bloom with me! 
 Hop on over to Poland where Ola shares a gorgeous view of her home town, Szczecin, which is the greenest city in the country and home to the second largest cemetery in all of Europe!

 I'm starting to think you all know your way in to my heart..... A million thanks to Kathie who was kind enough to send me two adorable and funny Florida cards! I think kitty must be on spring break and in all honesty, gator DOES kind of taste like chicken....what? It does, I swear! :)

 Juli always sends the best critter cards but the "Buck stops here" slogan just makes me laugh! Look at that buck! He really looks confused as to why his photo is being taken! Keri adds a little humor to her critter card....personally I am a fan of the lost tourist! Thank you, Ladies!!

A wonderfully ornate and glimmering view of old Shanghai makes it's way from Paul and Leezy in Columbus, OH! 

 Cover art for Rachel Sumpter's "Here They Come" makes it's way from a new postcrossing user. Very cool! I like the dark and mysterious eye of the horse, kind of looks like there is a cityscape behind him, no?

 Xuam Zhu who lives in Shanghai sends a card of traditional dress in the city of Yunnan in the South of China! From Christina a view of the Maison Wolfe, a small hotel in Quebec. Thank you both :)

 Brittany sends a wonderful vintage, mail-themed postcard!

 Sarah wasn't sure what to send for our "Black and White" postcard swap but I think she hit the nail on the head, this card from the English National Trust details curtain fabric from the 1920s! Love it!

Phew! That's it for tonight...I still have a whole stack of postcards to show you and that's not even counting the letters ...or what came in today! I have so many wonderful letters to reply to and a whole mess of swaps about to come due. I will be one busy mailin' and updatin' gal! Thank you a thousand times to those of you who kept reading, checking back, and sending me an e-mail or two to check up--you all sure do know how to make a gal feel loved! Here's to no more technical glitches and one heck of a happy mailbox. x0x Randi

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  1. I haven't even been able to reply to your letter yet! I counted my reply list yesterday and it's sitting at 30! Ack! :) What a great "problem" to have though, right?! And once these custom orders get done and delivered tomorrow, I'm claiming a 3 hour stint of letter writing at the cafe with a cup (or 5) of their specialty tisane. :)