Saturday, March 10, 2012

Saturday update on Midweek Mail

Hello Readers and Happy Saturday! I hope that this bright, sunny, cool afternoon is finding you all well! I'm writing to you all today while enjoying the cool breeze with my windows wide open--the cats are enjoying sitting on the sill, watching the neighbors children play in the back yard and sniffing what ever the wind brings their way!

I have a few postcards and letters to update you on today--well, more than a few but I haven't had a chance to photograph/update/log/etc yesterday and today's mail yet (which means more mail updates tomorrow! yaaaayyy!)--better late than never, right? Let's go!!

My first letter of the day comes from Felicia--who helps me with another first, Bonsai stamps! 

Her great letter came with a huge list of wonderful books! Any day where I get a pen pal letter and they introduce me to a new book club (which happens to have a huge selection of history books!!) is a great day by all means! Thank you, Felicia! I will write back soon :)

 Check out the inside of the envelope! How neat is this?

Blog follower and friend Derrik was kind enough to send me this card marking the start of baseball season! Clemente is the first Hispanic to be elected to the Hall of Fame. Admired for this skill and generosity, he helped the Pirates win the world championships twice! Thank you, Derrik!

Along with the card came this stamp featuring Rube Foster. Elected to the hall of fame in 1981, Foster was a pitcher, manager and executive in the Negro League!

A postcard for a Portuguese Postcrosser- "Museu da Qinta de Santiago"- This house in Portugal is actually an art museum dedicated to photographer Cristovam Dias. Dias eventually went blind as he became older but continued to work.

And the accompanying stamp! :) 

Lora Ann sends me a postcard from Kentucky! I love the horses! Did you know that Kentucky entered the Union in 1792 and it's lowest point (257ft) is the Mississippi River? 

Mail friend Carol sends an envelope bursting with surprises!  A letter, a matching note card (that is from a stamp issue) and a great little heart that she crocheted herself! I think I'm going to hang the heart up at work :) Thank you Carole! 

 A long and wonderful reply from Ambrosia! I just love getting long, chatty letters and making new pen pals, plus, the stationary is adorable! I can't wait to write back :)

A huge thank you to Brooke for the adorable birthday card! I know what you're thinking--"We've already seen your birthday mail!"--don't worry I am not that far behind, I just had it at work for a while and decided to bring it home. How cute is this little guy?!?!

Well folks, there ya have it! An end of the week update on midweek mail! Phew, say that five times fast! hahahah :) Don't worry there will be plenty more mail to come--I have a lot to upload and even more to write back too! It's gonna be a busy weekend for me and the post office!

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