Monday, April 16, 2012

Monday Mail Call!

Happy Happy Monday Readers! It's a warm, clear, breezy Spring day here in Green Country--what a better way to spend the afternoon reading incoming mail and writing back to ones beloved pen pals! I am proud to say that I have made a significant dent in my "reply to" pile, so I have a little time for extra postcard swaps and stopping by the blog to show off my goods! There's a couple of letters today but mostly postcards--and even a couple of firsts! Let's get started, shall we?

First up for the afternoon, a couple of nosey meerkats make the way from the Ukraine! Thank you to Vika who is studying ecology and chemistry in hopes to prevent testing on animals and animal cruelty in her country! 

 Mige sends me my first card from Istanbul!

 Morgan in Australia shares a postcard of a full moon at sunset behind an ancient corkwood tree in the outback!

 Daniela in Germany an optical illusion! If you focus the image about 15 inches from youreyes. they look at the x and move the image slowly in the direction of nose. Migratory birds in the cage!

 A work by Fiep Westndorp--illustrator of children's books until her death in 2004-makes its way from Marinda in the Netherlands!

 Deb sends her postcard with some older postage. My favorite is the red Arbor Day stamp..

 ..Her card shows off the Lincoln statue in Washington, DC. The statue is 19 feet high and is carved out of Georgia marble! Thanks, Deb!

 A very cool recycled letter and envelope makes its way to the mail box from Lorraine in California!

 Also from my Australian mail friend, Morgan, comes a gorgeous (and vacation worthy) view of Jim Jim Creek in Kakadu National Park! :)

That's all the mail for me on this Monday! I'm off to keep making a dent in my letter stack--if I owe you one, it will more than likely be on it's way soon! Happy Mailing Folks!

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  1. I am so jealous. I love Meerkats. Great postcard!