Monday, April 2, 2012

The Monday Mail Carrier Bringith: Letters!

Hello again Readers and Happy Happy Monday! I hope that you are all well rested from a wonderful weekend and were fully ready for Monday to rear her head. Personally, I was not. HAHA! I had a very good weekend but I spent last night writing a few letters and from that point on i stayed unbelievably WIDE awake. The good news is today was a short day and everything went according to plan!

The even better news, as promised I have come here to catch you up on my letters! Let's go! :)

A beautiful hand made envelope makes it's way from Lisa in Maryland who just stopped by to say hello! :) 

Inside that pretty little envelope a card showcasing art from The New Yorker! I'm almost positive that my cats do the same thing during the day as this little guy! 

 A very bright and exciting letter from Laura in Barcelona! One of my first letters (well mail of any kind) from Spain! I love the little owl :)

Check out the neat stamp that came along with it!! 

 Before reading her letters, Salem likes to give them a good sniff over. Perhaps checking for other pen  pen palling cats?

 And then she eats the letter......Apparently this time she didn't like what Lucas had to say. The good news is I was very happy to hear from my mail friend!

A seasonal surprise from The Impeccable-M!

 Dana catches me up on her life with a little help from Winne-the-Pooh and a snazzy New Mexico statehood stamp!

 My first letter (and one of very few postcards) from Croatia comes from Mihaela!

 and so do these awesome stamps! I'm so jealous, I love these :)

I am always envious of the awesome stationery that my pen friends have! I never seem to be able to come up with good paper but I have more note cards than you can imagine! Thank you to Deborah for a wonderful and very pretty letter!

 The lovely Karen who lives not to far away from me (yay for close by swappers!) sends me a long and wonderful letter as well as a couple of awesome postcards. For the record, the tea was awesome :)

 and last up for the evening a letter from Juli who I have swapped with before but now I have had a chance to get to know better :) Thank you for the letter and I love the little bears envelope!

Phew! That's a lot of awesome letters to write back too! Now I can say that I am officially all caught up (minus today's mail) on everything from my absence. Now I just have to keep on writing like a crazy woman...on that note, I think I'll get going on that! Happy Mailing!

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