Tuesday, April 10, 2012

More Postcards!! Whoo Hoo!

Happy Happy Tuesday Readers! I am happy to announce that we have a few more registered followers in our ranks than we did last week! A very warm welcome to you new folks and as always a shout out to the passers-by :)

After what seemed like one of the most hectic and absurd Mondays that I have ever had at the bank, I am very glad to be sitting on my living room couch--windows open, cats trying to eat my mail--on what was a very quiet  and run-of-the-mill transaction Tuesday. The even better news is I have some pretty awesome postcards to share...let's go!

These first two cards were the high light of my Monday....they are both from sets that I have (and cards that I have shared) --I was super excited to see them looking back at me! Thank you to Margie in NC who just returned from a fabulous trip in the Southern Caribbean and to Deidre in MO who was kind enough to share part of her "Wanderlust" set with me!!!

From Sabine in Germany, who is expecting her second child this summer! 
Check out the beautiful stamps she sent along for the ride!

My second card that came from Deidre! This time featuring some pretty famous pups in C.M. Coolidge's "Sitting U[ with a Sick Friend"! Thanks a bunch! I might have to share this one with mom--she loves these dogs :)

 You all know I just love when a squirrel card appears and this Finnish postcrosser did too! A million thanks to Satu for sending me one of only a handful of cards featuring my favorite spring critter!

Yko in Japan sends me this little slice of Americana! Notice that the painting is from the 1950s and the boy is bringing Coca-Cola to a baseball team of girls! 

This is the stamp that came along with Yko's card!

 Keri in Salt Lake City sends a bit of childhood my way...okay, maybe I wasn't a child when Cars came out but I really do love Pixar movies....and their postcards :)

 Last up for the afternoon comes from Shirley in Great Falls, MT. This card features what I think is a very beautiful photo of Belle-Ile-en-Mer off the Breton south coast by Norbert Kustos. :)

Here's hoping that everyone's weeks are shaping up well. We are almost half way through! I am off to write at least a few letters as the only thing I sent out today was a bill for a magazine subscription...oops! :)

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