Saturday, April 21, 2012

Weekend update

Happy Saturday! Another cool, Spring day here in Oklahoma. Perfect for writing letters...or packing your bags for a vacation to the North West.. just sayin' :). Let's get to the mail, shall we?

I always love mail-related-mail...Thank you, Deb who sends a card featuring Civil War, reused envelopes. When soldiers ran out of envelopes, they used what ever they could get their hands on-textbooks, wallpaper, used envies inside out--to send their mail!

Check out the early Americana stamps that came with the hand cancelled postmark!
 A very lovely (and surprise) letter comes from The Fancy Lady!
 Full of wonderful surprises-a great card, and Russian Stacking doll paper. How cute!

The back of the well decorated envie...Thanks, Lady!

A letter from Miranda makes its way across the pond... a very colorful, playful and kitchy envie! I love these, I really need to be on the look out. I'm afraid my white envelopes are rather dull....

and finally, my first stamp featuring King Edward VIII. Thanks, Miranda! I'll write back soon.

 Salem is sad the mail isn't for her so she steals it...

I might have only snagged a little bit of mail this afternoon but I have to say that it's pretty great mail! I'm heading out to Denver in the morning- not sure if I will be able to update everyday but I will try to keep my eye out for mail related awesomeness---and of course I'll pick up some postcards! See you all soon :) xox randi

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