Monday, April 30, 2012

Quick and Dirty Monday Update!

Hello Readers, Followers, Lurkers and Passersby! I am happy to report that I am home from a wonderful vacation in Denver! I had a great time but I have to admit that I was excited to check my mail box this afternoon :)

I got a *ton* of awesome mail; swaps, letters, postcards and pen pals all made their way to my little PO Box this week AND I managed to round up some pretty awesome cards to send to you all! I still have to sort through it, photograph the mail for the blog and register/rate/reply (the three R's of Mail?)! For now a quick glimpse at the goods and one card that I found particularly appropriate today!

The haul of "To Be Sent" Denver cards--views from The Mint, Red Rocks, the Airport and Downtown, just to name a few!!!! PS....ask and you shall receive! 

 Look at everything that came out of my mail box today! I love that "Ernie the Envie"
Swap-bot is front and center :D

A perfect "Mondaze" postcard makes it's way from Eunice in South Africa! I think the doctor really hit the nail on the head! :)

 Check out the cool stamps she sent along! The bead work airplane is awesome!

I'm off to get the dirty work done! I should have all of the photos up tomorrow and hopefully some insight in to a few neat stationary places I've come across, until then, Happy Mailing!

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