Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Oh, Hello Tuesday. Is that mail you bring?

Happy Happy Tuesday Readers! Today found itself even better than Monday ( I know, not hard some times, right?) and do you know what made it EVEN better? All of the mail that came my way! I was pleasantly surprised to see a good handful of cards and a couple of letters, on what is normally a slow mail day! Let's check it out :D

First up-a piece of mail celebrating the love of snail mail we all share! Thanks to Andrea for sending me a bit of Swap-bot mail :) 

 A postcard from across the pond featuring a stamp issued by the Royal Mail in 2000. The photograph, taken by Deborah Osborne, is entitled "Art and Craft" and featured in Cycle Network Artworks.

 From Yzina in Ukraine comes a card featuring the Monument to the Prince Grigoriy Polyomkin in Kherson-the Southern most point in the Ukraine!

 Some small town love makes its way from Round-O, South Carolina!

Zong-Yi in Taiwan sends a card showing the beauty of the Alishan Forest Railway in Chiayi! I love how lush and green it is! All the train tracks around me are far more industrial looking! Thank you, I will write back to answer your questions soon! :) 

A letter comes from a follower! Thank you to Kimberly in New Hampshire for the blog lovin' and the letter! I will get back to you shortly!

 Julie sends a letter about her favorite spot in St. Louis--with a beautiful butterfly to boot!

Speaking of butterflies, a letter comes from Christine in Michigan! This is the second letter that I have gotten weeks after the postmark?!?! Don't worry Christine, I'll have a letter out soon!

Last up for the evening, a beautiful letter comes from Australian friend, Anna, who writes about her love of 1950s clothing and hairstyles!

I have so many great letters to write back to and so many great cards to show off! Thank you to everyone who made this Tuesday an awesome mail day. I'm off to get a few letters and cards together for the morning. Happy Mailing!

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