Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday Mail!

Hello Readers! So...for some reason, I had it in my head that I had updated yesterday....well, I was wrong! I only have a little bit of mail to share this evening (and so much more to reply to....) but for a Friday the 13th, I'd say it's pretty good :D

This card comes from a postcrosser in Shenzhen and features Guangdong's University of Foreign Studies!

Awesome stamps that came along for the 14 day, 12,802km journey! 

Kelly in Columbus, OH sends a scenic view from Amish Country in Berlin,Oh. During summers harvest the fields will be filled with barley, wheat or oats as well as vegetable and flower gardens. Thanks, Kelly! 

Oksana sends a card from Minsk, Belarus where she is a secondary school English teacher. Her students also participate in postcard swaps and get excited for cards from new countries :) Can't say I blame them! 

 An awesome multi-view from a mail friend in Friesland, Netherlands!

 An absolutely stuffed with goodies card and letter highlighting "International Women's Day" makes its way from Donna in Canada! Thank you for the awesome tea and all of the mail love :)

 A wonderful new pen pal relationship has been established, I am proud to say! Thank you and welcome to Kerstin in Germany. I will write back very soon :)

The inside of the envelope....where are you all finding these, I love it! 

 Last but not least the niffty stamp and adorable postmark!

That's it for my Friday mail, folks. I have a few things to get out and stamped for tomorrows mail pickup! Hope everyone had a great mail week :)

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  1. Kerstin in Germany used beautiful writing paper and envelope... I want some :)