Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Day Mail!!!

Happy Leap Day Readers! I hope that today has been extra great for everyone--and ladies, be sure to ask your man to marry you today, seems historically, Leap Day is the only day we are allowed to break that tradition! :)

Before we get started on the mailbox goods, I thought I would share a link from The Daily Mail showcasing some vintage Leap Day postcards. Check out the postcards and get a good laugh out of them by clicking on Watch out gents, it's a leap year!

I sent out a handful of postcards today (what better than a February 29th postmark) but I also received some great cards. Seems, at least in my neck of the woods, Leap Day is pretty awesome.

Salem, always trying to get in on the mail action. I may have to set her up her own account--she always wants a piece of my postcard action! 

 Danielle in Omaha, Nebraska shares her love of reading and mail with me today! Today she is recommending "A Long Long Way" by Sebastian Barry.

 This postcard comes from the Hot Air Balloon Festival in Albuquerque, New Mexico! Every year the city has predictable wind patterns due to its elevation that make it ideal for balloon navigation and showing off to the spectators below! How neat is this? I'll have to get to NM in October! Thank you :)

Susan shows off her favorite Santa Monica beach, where she escapes when the temperatures in the Valley get to hot! 

 A gorgeous card from Russia and very different from the ones I normally get! Unfortunately the stamps covered the card info so I am waiting to hear back from the sender as to where exactly we are looking at! :)

Lori sends me a Berhardt Wall image from The Meisler Collection! Very cool card! :)
 A pen pal letter found its way from Katherine in Missouri! I love the note cards, remind me to ask her where they came from when I write back!

 She also sent me some goodies and decorated me all up for Halloween! Thanks Katherine :)

Those are the goods for  Leap Day 2012! I hope that everyone got something special in their mail box today! Off to get a few letters replied to, let's get March mail started off right! Hmmmm, maybe a March  Mail Madness Challenge? ...... :D

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