Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Postcrossing and Penpals!

Happy Happy Wednesday Readers! I hope the middle of the week finds you all with a good handful of mail  and a smile on your face. I managed to get a few things out today and I had a few prepared but my mail carrier decided to come early....Oh, well! that just means even more mail surprises go out tomorrow. As I am getting caught up on mail, it's time to catch you all up as well. Everything has been logged, photographed and sorted which means its time to share and time to get writing!

Today's selection (sounds fancy, huh?) comes from Postcrossing and two pen pals--one of which who is new and who wrote after seeing the blog! Hurrah!! Let's get to some mail, shall we?

First up from a friend in Taipei City comes my first card featuring a Peking Opera Performer! Peking opera is a traditional form of Chinese theatre. 

 The stamps are also pretty :)

 Next up comes a multi-view of Poland from Yvonne in Krakow

Check out the awesome stamps she was kind enough to send my way! 

 A mail friend in China sends this whimsical card (one of her favorites) because it reminds her of her child hood in the country side--chasing birds and catching butterflies!

 More awesome stamps. I have to say that I am partial to the Sparrows

 Svenja in Eastern Germany sends a Trabi! Trabi's are the car of the GDR (German Democratic Republic). As the Trabi was the only car in the GDR, the wait list could be 20 years long and children were registered on the wait list at birth!  

A colorful and fun letter makes it's way home from Juli (who is quite possibly the fastest letter replier, ever)! I love these envelopes, someone remind me to ask where she gets them! 

 And finally for this batch comes a letter from Annejo in the Netherlands! I always love (and very much appreciate!!) when a reader decides to drop a letter my way. I will write back soon, I hope you stop by today to see your letter featured :)

There is plenty more where that came from! I'm off to get some things together and get at least a couple of letters out! Happy Mailing everyone!


  1. I am so happy you like it! Thanks for featuring it on the blog :D

  2. Wow! That Trabi post card is awesome! I also really like the Peking Opera one - it is so dramatic. Happy posting :)

  3. Such great postcards!

    - k