Sunday, May 20, 2012

Postcards? On a Sunday? Why, of course!

Happy Happy Sunday Morning Readers! As promised I am back with some postcards for your mail viewing enjoyment. I had a lot come in this week so I tried to sort of group them together by worked out for the most part. This is the first half my haul.

I spent last night signing up for swaps and thinking about creating a few (ideas are welcome!!!) and watching a couple of movies; today I intend to get a few of my letters out--I'm trying to reply to everyone within a decent time frame so they don't pile up on me again :) So if I owe you one, I'm probably looking at it now! Okay, enough chit chat--it's postcard time!

I love when book related cards come in the mail, it's like a double whammy of greatness! A very special thank you to RJ in Canada for wanting to share a fun card AND appealing to my nerdy side with H.G. Wells. Fellow reader and postcard lover Judee shares some of her Penguin set with me! I love when I get these back :-)  You two rock!!!

 Two vintage cards! It must be my lucky mail week!!!  First up, from "Wasted Blues" comes the Alan Maley  painting Summer Romance. Susan sends a postcard that actually calls for a One (1) cent stamp in order to post it--not to mention a cute little goat. Thank you ladies, great cards!

Dan in Luhaus K, Unraine sends a funny and adorable card--I would love if anyone would be able to translate for me--either way, I love it!  From Berlin, Germany, Astrid sends a great card showing off one of the cities most popular spots for dining and relaxing! :D 

 Check out the beautiful nature that made it's way to me--I love a good scenic card, helps with vacation ideas! hahah! First up, Macfeat sends a card from "small town Maine" where one can enjoy fly fishing on the west branch of the Penosbscot river, Mount Katahdin is in the background and can be seen from our lucky mail friends home! In Tomsk, Russia, Vera (who is a student at the Art Institute) sends a pretty mid-Fall leaf basking in sunlight! :-D

Wow!!! You all sure know how to pick great cards for a Gal! I just hope that the cards I send out are as good as the ones that I have been getting in :) I'm off to finish letters and to get in some sunshine before the work week starts again......Monday might bring work, but at least it brings mail!

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