Sunday, May 27, 2012

Saturday mail on a Sunday!

Happy Happy Sunday Readers! I hope we are all enjoying the weekend.....even if it is coming to a close for some of us. A little bit of mail came in this weekend but it's all pretty great. Let's go!

A letter makes it's way from mail pal Amanda--AKA The Fancy Lady.  With a fancy envelope at that!

The Lady's card made me literally laugh out loud! Sometimes I think this is how my all cats really feel......

Ian & Helen in Australia poke a bit of fun at the Irish! 

And the back!

 Belinda sends a shot from Amicalola Falls. One of Georgia's Seven Natural Wonders, the falls drop a total of 729 feet through a number of cascades!

A Postcrossing friend in Belarus sends an architectural view from one of the capitals historic buildings

Another card comes from Australia! It must be my lucky week as this hasn't happened in a while! Thank you to Tiphanee for sending a cute and cuddly greeting :D 

Yay! A letter from Erica :) 

Karen down the road in Rush Springs sends a beautiful card called "Rainmaker" by David Penfound

In a matching envelope at that! Not gonna lie, I love matching envies!

Look at all of the goodies inside! Pages and pages of letters and postcards! Salem just couldn't help herself and dived right in before I even had a chance to read the letter!
 (she actually left bite marks! I think it means she likes you Karen, hahah)

That's all for me today folks. I am off to try to do something with my weekend (aka ignoring the house cleaning that I need to do and reading a book instead). Happy Memorial Day to those of you who are in the states. I don't know about everyone else but I have some mail to get back to before the next round of pick ups ! Happy Mailing :D 


  1. I'm Irish and I must say 'tis true. .. . .. There is ALWAYS time for a pint.. XD

  2. I loved seeing your cat interact with your mail. I'm one of your Swap-bot partners, by the way. Happy mailing.